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Here's How You Can Create a Highly Profitable Website

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Fundamentally a website is your most powerful tool because it’s capable of evolving as your business grows and because it’s a tireless worker. Nobody on the planet can work harder than a website because a website is available 365 days a year, 24/7. It doesn’t need to sleep, never gets sick and won’t burn out or require time off.

Yet, the website is the biggest missed opportunity for most businesses because the vast majority of the time they simply don’t work. When someone says their website “doesn’t do anything,” it pretty much comes down to one thing: sales.

Imagine this scenario: You’re trying to talk to a salesperson, except this particular person only awkwardly stares at you. Whenever you try to ask a question, you only get a robotic response repeating the same couple of sentences with extremely vague information and a list of words. You don’t need to be an oracle to predict the future on this one: Nobody in their right mind is buying from this person.

Communication is the most basic requirement for a sale to happen. Your website is a tool to communicate digitally. Most sites communicate like a creepy salesperson who can only repeat the same vague information. Fundamentally, it’s why the vast majority of businesses have websites that fail.

Most businesses don’t know what to focus on, so they spend money in random directions hoping that it’ll “fix the website.” Would 10,000 more people talking to the creepy salesperson eventually result in a sale? They’d probably get a couple, but with a terrible close ratio and an expensive cost to get that many people in front of them.

So where do you need to focus to make the website effective?

Websites have infinite........

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