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Don’t let them fool you

In 2007, three experimental psychologists, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, coined the word ‘sugrophobia’, which would translate to something like a...

friday 80


Tess Wilkinson-Ryan

The science of cuteness

Cuteness overload! What makes us want to touch, pinch and squeeze adorable creatures is still a bit of a mystery for science - by Aeon Video Watch...

01.06.2023 50


Aeon Video

Matrimony and the market

Most people have a view on the sexual revolution of the 1960s but, to borrow an adage about the impact of the French Revolution, its consequences...

01.06.2023 60


Daniel Tutt

Making a Noh mask

Watch as a traditional artisan of Noh masks cuts, carves and paints an eerily lifelike human face from a single block of wood - by Aeon Video Watch...

31.05.2023 100


Aeon Video

Models of antiquity

In 1805, after a career participating in both the American and French revolutions, the swashbuckling international adventurer Francisco de Miranda...

30.05.2023 80


Francesca Langer

The art of rules

You walk into an art museum. In the first room there is a huge block of chocolate that someone has chewed on. The sign says not to touch it, but...

29.05.2023 100


Sherri Irvin


Two filmmakers, awaiting the result of a pregnancy test, take turns recording their experiences in this honest, intimate short - by Aeon Video...

29.05.2023 90


Aeon Video