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To people, livelihoods matter most

The general elections two weeks ago again proved economy and livelihoods matter most to voters. The main deciding factors were the hardships faced...

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Song Kyung-Jin

Paradox of Korean English education

One afternoon in 2024, students are studying English in an English academy. A Korean English teacher in one room asks students questions about...

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The Korea Times

Park Sun-Yu

South Korea needs to recharge foreign engagement following missed trips and opportunities

Eugene Lee As the political drama of the recent general elections slowly winds down and gradually subsides, the question of what needs to be done...

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Eugene Lee

Harmony between humans, nature and food we eat

Recently, a common topic that's been central to conversations among many scientists, environmental activists and chefs alike is the intersection of...

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Choi Ji-Hyung

Biblical mandate on immigrants

Some Christians are fond of demanding that we take the Bible “literally.” They claim the writings in the book need no interpretation. These...

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The Korea Times

Steven L. Shields

Flower festivals

I was born and raised in a medium-sized provincial town. At the time, as was the case in most urban areas, the rapidly growing population resulted...

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The Korea Times

Sho Chang-Young

President should recalibrate his policy on North Korea

Mitch Shin On April 10, the main opposition Democratic Party of Korea won a landslide victory in the 22nd general elections. Due to the low...

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The Korea Times

Mitch Shin

Language of political control

Robert Skidelsky LONDON – Language shapes our thinking and perception of the world and, consequently, what happens in it. That is why I worry...

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The Korea Times

Robert Skidelsky

The death of Taoism

Courtesy of Rishabh Dharmani David A. Tizzard There are some things that our language simply cannot convey. Some things that are beyond the world...

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David A. Tizzard

Simplicity, simplicity

Silence is a rare thing in a city. Cities are usually filled with loud sounds including car sounds and music from fast food restaurants, cafes and...

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Kim Sun-Ae

What if my child is bullied at school?

David Gormley In the wake of celebrity and political scandals — not to mention the popularity last year of the Korean Netflix drama “The Glory”...

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David Gormley

Gaza war goes global

Joschka Fischer BERLIN – With Iran’s drone and missile attack on Israel on the night of April 13, the war in the Middle East has taken on a new...

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Joschka Fischer

Respect and love

The great religions of the world and many philosophers share thinking about respect and love. This column discusses the Golden Rule, the law of...

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Bernard Rowan

AUKUS alliance looks to Canada, New Zealand, Asian allies

Andrew Hammond The AUKUS security pact was originally announced by the United States, Australia and Britain amid relatively low expectations, and...

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The Korea Times

Andrew Hammond

Biden-Kishida summit and Korean politics

Kim Sang-woo U.S. President Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida held a summit in Washington on April 10. After two hours of talks,...

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The Korea Times

Kim Sang-Woo

Indian election

Gwynne Dyer Extreme nationalism always looks foolish or even deranged to those who have not caught the virus, but in India it’s now official. In...

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The Korea Times

Gwynne Dyer

Shakespeare's sister: Words become seeds

In "A Room of One’s Own," literary giant Virginia Woolf writes of an imaginary sister of renowned English playwright William Shakespeare, using...

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The Korea Times

Lee Nan-Hee

Tyranny of totality

The great eclipse of 2024 has come and gone. Several families from my son’s school even took their kids out of school for several days to jaunt off...

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The Korea Times

Jason Lim

US political turmoil reflects our wider society ? in 2024 and earlier elections

“We have met the enemy and he is us.” The ironic statement is from the durable comic strip “Pogo” by cartoonist Walt Kelly, widely syndicated...

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The Korea Times

Arthur I. Cyr

Myth of endless growth

With the conclusion of the general elections, the government is expected to unveil several contentious policies, including electricity price hikes,...

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The Korea Times

Jang Daul

South Korea's dangerous sense of isolation

A worrying divide has been growing between South Korea and its Asia-Pacific security partners. Although Seoul regards the threat posed by North...

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The Korea Times

Tanya Ogilvie-White