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Globalization vs. Democracy

ITHACA, NEW YORK – Democracy is in retreat across much of the world, with authoritarian leaders and extremist movements gaining momentum amid...

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Kaushik Basu

The West’s New Infrastructure Imperative

CAMBRIDGE – An emerging debate about the definition of infrastructure suggests that Western democracies are starting to shift their priorities....

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Diane Coyle

China’s Rebalancing Imperative

NEW HAVEN – China is facing a broad constellation of problems: an underperforming economy, a superpower conflict with the United States, stiff...

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Stephen S. Roach

What a Climate-Aligned IMF Would Look Like

MALÉ – Last week, the board of the International Monetary Fund approved current Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva for another five-year term....

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Mohamed Nasheed

The Language of Political Control

LONDON – Language shapes our thinking and perception of the world and, consequently, what happens in it. That is why I worry less about the...

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Robert Skidelsky

The Key to Transforming African Health

NEW DELHI – Despite the relentless stream of bad news from around the world, there are still reasons for optimism. One notable example is the...

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Jayati Ghosh

An Iran-Israel War?

JERUSALEM– It is hard to imagine that anyone in the Levant or the broader Middle East managed to sleep on Saturday night, as Iran launched hundreds...

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Daoud Kuttab

From Welfare State to Safe State in Latin America

MEXICO CITY – Violence lurks in nearly all of Latin America’s major cities. Even capitals that have traditionally been considered peaceful are...

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Jorge G. Castañeda

The Gaza War Goes Global

BERLIN – With Iran’s drone and missile attack on Israel on the night of April 13, the war in the Middle East has taken on a new dimension. For...

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Joschka Fischer

Gender-Neutral Fintech Isn’t Working for Women

WASHINGTON, DC – Financial technology (fintech) has often been touted as a powerful enabler of financial inclusion. And over the past several...

thursday 30

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Emmanuel Nyirinkindi

The Urgency of Palestinian Statehood

MELBOURNE – It is time for Israel to recognize the force of the rapidly growing international movement to recognize Palestinian statehood, not as...

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Gareth Evans

The Urgency of Sovereign-Debt Restructuring

BOGOTÁ – Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the developing world has faced growing public-sector debt vulnerabilities. Interest-rate hikes...

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Jose Antonio Ocampo

Negotiating a Bigger, Better World Bank

WASHINGTON, DC – We are two of the 25 members of the World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors, which collectively represents 189 member...

17.04.2024 10

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Michael Krake

The Ozone Layer’s Recovery Shows How to Protect the Planet

NEW YORK – There was a time, not so long ago, when the depletion of Earth’s ozone layer seemed like an insurmountable challenge. Decades of...

17.04.2024 20

Project Syndicate

Robert Redford

Is India’s Economy Overhyped?

NEW YORK – Perhaps no phrase better captures the changing views of financial markets and the news media regarding the world’s two largest...

17.04.2024 30

Project Syndicate

Shang-Jin Wei

Quality Journalism Is More Important than Ever

NEW YORK – Although news consumption soared during the COVID-19 pandemic, subscriptions have since fallen, and news outlets around the world have...

17.04.2024 4

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Anya Schiffrin

Developing Countries’ Liquidity Crisis Is Not Over

PARIS/BASEL – For the first time in two years, some low-income and lower-middle-income countries (LMICs) can access the bond market. But many...

16.04.2024 30

Project Syndicate

Ishac Diwan

America’s Manufacturing Renaissance Will Create Few Good Jobs

CAMBRIDGE – The United States is on a building spree in semiconductors. In early April, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company announced plans...

16.04.2024 40

Project Syndicate

Dani Rodrik

Overcoming the Development-Project Implementation Gap

COPENHAGEN – This week’s World Bank spring meetings will kick-start the  replenishment of the International Development Association – the...

16.04.2024 3

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Jorge Moreira Da Silva

The Middle East Needs a Ceasefire Now

JERUSALEM– It is hard to imagine that anyone in the Levant or the broader Middle East managed to sleep on Saturday night, as Iran launched hundreds...

16.04.2024 20

Project Syndicate

Daoud Kuttab

Minxin Pei on China’s economy, surveillance state, repression of dissent, and more

Project Syndicate: In early 2023, you observed that China’s leaders had “fallen back in love with economic growth.” Over a year later, China’s...

16.04.2024 20

Project Syndicate

Minxin Pei

Who Should Decide If It’s Genocide?

LONDON – On April 15, some of the world’s leading international lawyers and cross-party UK parliamentarians sent a public letter to British...

16.04.2024 10

Project Syndicate

David Alton

The Bretton Woods Institutions We Need

WASHINGTON, DC – On the 80th anniversary of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, we should reflect on what these Bretton Woods...

15.04.2024 3

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Joaquim Levy

Israel Must End the Gaza War

WASHINGTON, DC – The Iranian-Israeli war has now emerged from the shadows with the barrage of over 300 drones, rockets, and cruise missiles Iran...

15.04.2024 10

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Dennis Ross

The World Cannot Afford to Ignore the Poorest Countries

WASHINGTON, DC – They are home to a quarter of humanity – 1.9 billion people. They possess prized natural resources, including one-fifth of the...

15.04.2024 9

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Indermit Gill

The World Is Still on Fire

CAMBRIDGE/DELHI – The world is facing the worst five-year span in three decades. Higher interest rates have left developing countries crushed by...

15.04.2024 40

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Lawrence H. Summers