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A strategic rivalry

As if it were ordained by providence, the fate of the world is settled by a show of strength between great powers. The cold war era (1945-89) was...

yesterday 30

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Hussain H Zaidi

Climate and the religious lens

The condition of Pakistani cities shows that we are suffering from an intellectual, professional and moral crisis. There is a sense that the...

yesterday 40

The News International

Dr Muhammad Imran

When parents become bullies

“Do not be your child’s first bully”. I read this somewhere long ago and thought what a lame statement this is. But it stuck in my mind and kept...

yesterday 10

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Muhammad Abdul Basit

The Daanish debate

On April 9, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif inaugurated a Daanish School campus in Islamabad. The Daanish Schools effort is anchored in a powerful...

previous day 30

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Mosharraf Zaidi

A new approach to governance

Shortly after securing the last tranche of around $1.1 billion as part of the 24th staff-level agreement with the IMF last month, the country is...

previous day 20

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Gobind Menghwar

Promoting innovation

There are some common themes from the lives of Thomas Edison (1847-1931), Robert Noyce (1927-1990) and Steve Jobs (1955-2011) that can provide...

previous day 30

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Zirgham Nabi Afridi

Education emergency

The PML-N is usually criticized for ignoring the human development index. Its detractors say that the party focuses on worthless infrastructure...

monday 70

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Abdul Sattar

Housing inequities

As the cost of housing has exploded, so has the number of people experiencing homelessness. And unfortunately, instead of trying to house people,...

monday 20

The News International

Farrah Hassen

Pakistan at a venture crossroads ( Part – II )

Pakistan’s startup and venture landscape is very much in its infancy. Only in the last decade have networks of formal early-stage investors started...

monday 20

The News International

Kaamil Hussain

How to encourage entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a unique skillset, artistic as well as scientific. It is the soul of development philosophy. Western countries which have...

monday 40

The News International

Kamran H Mushtaq

Language matters

Climate change is a complex and multifaceted phenomenon that encompasses a myriad of scientific concepts, policy frameworks and socio-economic...

monday 2

The News International

Raza Hussain Qazi

Pakistan at a venture crossroads — Part – I

With a growing population, a youthful workforce, and a surge in technology professionals, Pakistan can be fertile ground for corporate ventures and...

14.04.2024 40

The News International

Kaamil Hussain

Inevitable shift

The capitalist system, built upon a foundation of inequality and exploitation, is on the verge of collapse by the year 2030. Human history and...

14.04.2024 70

The News International

Dr Murtaza Khuhro

White elephants

In Thailand, elephants are extensively trained to fulfill various roles. Traditionally, they have been trained to aid in logging operations,...

14.04.2024 40

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Dr Farrukh Saleem

The future is electric

More than one-third of Pakistan’s imports is essential transportation fuel. Almost $5 billion of fuel is used by two-wheelers, and three-wheelers...

14.04.2024 10

The News International

Ammar Habib Khan

An intelligent future

Outside the realm of science fiction novels to which artificial intelligence was previously restricted, it is now amongst us in more and more...

13.04.2024 3

The News International

Kamila Hyat

A new game changer

I have finally introduced the Gandhara Corridor Bill in the National Assembly after much homework. During my visits to foreign countries, I study...

13.04.2024 1

The News International

Dr Ramesh Kumar Vankwani

An elephant in a mousehole

Those who have lived in Pakistan during the eras of former chief justices Iftikhar Chaudhry and Saqib Nisar are probably all too familiar with the...

13.04.2024 4

The News International

Ali Uzair Bhandari

Strategic calculus

A series of terrorist attacks in Pakistan has once again stirred a debate on how terrorists are undermining the overall security situation in...

13.04.2024 2

The News International

Dr Taimur Shamil