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Towards industrial policy 2.0: Part - IV

The end purpose of an industrial policy for Pakistan should be to achieve competitiveness through higher productivity which brings greater profits...

yesterday 80

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Ishrat Husain

Financial inequality breeds contempt

Our society essentially stands divided into three classes. The elite class comprises the top bureaucrats both civil and military, business tycoons...

yesterday 60

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Iftekhar A Khan

How to appoint a judge

Once general elections are held in the country, Pakistan needs to focus on a number of economic and political reforms. It might be worthwhile to...

yesterday 50

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Foqia Sadiq Khan

Fossil fuel eclipse

Despite the ongoing propaganda and legal campaigns by oil, gas, and coal corporations and their puppet politicians, the “smart money” is now going...

yesterday 50

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George Ochenski

The Buddha caves

Being the chairman of the Prime Minister’s Task Force on Gandhara Tourism, I have visited the historical Buddha ‘s Caves located at the Shah...

yesterday 10

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Dr Ramesh Kumar Vankwani

Wings of wax

In a country where the state is weak, corrupt, and unable to fulfil its fundamental obligations, ordinary citizens are often left to fend for...

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Salar Rashid

How to handle a rape case

The police force is a key component of the criminal justice system (CJS). A criminal case proceeds to the court process after a first information...

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Rida Tahir

People, politicians and political space

When Imran Khan came to power in 2018 many hoped he would break the hold of the corrupt and inefficient two-party system, which had controlled...

previous day 20

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Kamila Hyat

Will Imran ever introspect?

One of the core teachings for the primary year students of the International Baccalaureate system is to learn how to reflect on their work and...

previous day 10

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Taimur K Bandey

Trump’s clone?

Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis has finally declared his bid for the US presidency. Interestingly, while DeSantis might seem to be the GOP’s...

wednesday 20

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Dr Imran Khalid

A state of many cases

‘Never a dull moment’ is a cliche, even more so for Pakistani politics. How could we have a dull moment when there is a steady stream of cases...

wednesday 60

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Dr Naazir Mahmood

What does privacy mean?

Power and rights are neither absolute nor permanent but dynamic, situational, contested and socially constructed concepts. Power, in the...

wednesday 50

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Syed Muhammad Ali

Parenthood and the state

The story is all too familiar in Pakistan; for far too long, we have witnessed the various manifestations of the unfair choices working parents are...

wednesday 40

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Nayab Jan

A highly flammable summer

It was the biggest mystery. For months, since the economy started to slide into an entirely predictable and avoidable crisis, well to do Pakistanis...

30.05.2023 2

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Mosharraf Zaidi

High-risk strategy

Since his ouster from power in April 2022, former prime minister Imran Khan adopted a high-risk strategy to regain power and outmaneuver his...

30.05.2023 60

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Khalid Bhatti

The age of GVCs

Pakistan stands at a crucial crossroads in its economic journey, seeking to transform into a globally competitive player. In this regard,...

30.05.2023 90

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Dr Muhammad Zeshan

Struggle for democracy

Pakistan is striving for economic, political, and constitutional stability. Democratic principles, constitutional institutions, rule of law and...

29.05.2023 200

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Jawad Sohrab Malik

Endless denial

In the Blindman’s Buff variation of tag, a child designated as ‘It’ is tasked with tapping another child while wearing a blindfold. The...

29.05.2023 2

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Karen Greenberg

A (mock) revolution gone awry

Composed on the grandest of scales and couched in the most sublime of languages, the epic represents the highest form of poetry. Typically, this...

29.05.2023 8

The News International

Hussain H Zaidi

Pakistan’s regional policy

It is axiomatic that Pakistan’s regional policy should be anchored to ground realities instead of being based on wishful thinking and pious...

29.05.2023 80

The News International

Javid Husain

Confused agendas

The amount of confusion surrounding what the PTI and Imran Khan are precisely standing for continues to envelop the political thinking of the...

29.05.2023 40

The News International

Kamila Hyat