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Who are we?

We believe that when we read and synthesize opposite and diverse points of view and opinions, our intellect and wisdom grow exponentially and we are empowered to better understand each other—which is the key to creating world peace.

And so, we made QOSHE.

You can find periodical "columns", opinions and articles all around the world with their social media share counts and the number of reads at all QOSHE platforms. Although we offer some extra personalization features in our apps and website, our priority will always be "wide perspective, any and every opinion and diverse points of view".

We keep going with this idea since QOSHE established at October 2012.

What is the meaning of QOSHE?

It is an Albanian word means "corner".


We first analyze technical issues about the sources (newspapers, columnists and articles), then up-to-date status of these sources for adding them to QOSHE. We add new sources mostly by the request of our users.

The copyright holder of a newspaper or columnist who wants more readers and to have their columns or articles on, can contact with us on our contact page, "contact us" in our apps, Twitter or Facebook


We use Twitter and Facebook shares of original article links (url), the number of reads at all QOSHE platforms and a complex algorithm called "AAR (Active Article Ranking)" to order them. We constantly pay attention on the ordering system to work properly. The system uses newspaper and author hits, arithmetic/geometric/harmonic mean of the article shares and reads in multiple ordering levels.


There is no political ideas/parties of ours on QOSHE. We accept no responsibility if anyone who will try to politicize and share us on this context.


You can find QOSHE on these platforms;, QOSHE iOS, QOSHE Android, Windows App

Apps & Website

We have developed highly acclaimed, high ranked, lovely commented apps for iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets. The apps use the same content and back-end which is used in

The website can be reached on It is responsive, fast, readable, has no leaks on mobile data, user-friendly. The Ads on the website is provided by well-known Google Adsense.


We use Apache, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, PHP on our Holland-based server. Our content fetcher robot is not so much smart, please forgive us if you see some ugly, garbled, cropped, etc. content.

Objective-C and Java are used in our native iOS & Android apps. Some of the tools and libraries that we use can be found here.