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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy includes the information about your privacy and security while you are using QOSHE platforms such as iOS, Android apps and You can see our "Cookie Policy" in addition to this document.

Which information is required?

Your IP address while you use our platforms.

iOS : iPhone & iPad

We use qoshe_id which we acquired from Apple, produced only for our app on your device.

iOS : Subscription

We need only your e-mail and a password. The "name-surname" is not mandatory, you can leave it empty.


We use device_id which we acquired from Google. We don't want any other than the "internet access" permission when you installed.

  • We create an anonymous id for your browser on a device you access to and use it.
  • Your "e-mail" address if you create QOSHE account.
  • We use cookies for the services and features that we offer. For detailed information, please see our "Cookie Policy".

Why do we want them?

  • To benefit our for-you-services on our platforms such as, your favorites, history, reading settings, notifications.
  • To use your "QOSHE without Ads subscription" across iOS devices,
  • To give this information to your government authorities (if they have an authority to want them)

We don't have an access to your Apple/Google account information or any other information that you don't want to give. We don't need them, we don't want them.

How do we protect them?

We save your e-mail and name-surname (if you provided) in encrypted form. Your password is hashed(md5) on our database, so no one can see or understand your original password. If you forgot your password there will be a new one that is generated automatically (and randomly) and forwarded to your e-mail.

The informations given by Apple/Google such as device_id, app_id, qoshe_id, etc. are under their protection. They are useless elsewhere.

Do we share your information? Will we share?

Nope, never, ever. No matter what, we will never share your information with anyone/any companies/any firms.

In addition, we wont serve you any ads, annoucements etc. via e-mail. We will send;

  • you have registered to qoshe
  • you have added a device
  • your subscription started
  • your subscription will end soon
  • your new password

and other information about your subscription.

Terms and Conditions

  • We can get or create the information explained above when you start to use our apps and/or web site.
  • The e-mail and a password is mandatory for
    • "QOSHE without Ads subscription" to use our iOS app across devices,
    • account


For any further information or questions related with this document you can use the info below.

  • "Contact us" form within the app,
  • You can send e-mails to
  • You can fill the form on


Best regards

Document last updated date : 10.01.2017