Robert Bridge

Robert Bridge

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Gender discontent is just a phase for most kids, a new study shows. Will transition pushers leave those kids alone?

Thousands of children will likely regret going under the knife to change their sex as the majority of gender-confused kids have been found to shed the...

10.04.2024 30

Robert Bridge

Biden is using the church to import more Democrat voters to the US

At a time when millions of Americans are homeless and in need of medical treatment, Washington is more concerned with playing host to millions of...

03.04.2024 30

Robert Bridge

Why Americans have little to smile about these days

From a sputtering economy and high inflation to a lack of trust in political leadership, Americans are expressing displeasure with many facets of...

30.03.2024 10

Robert Bridge

Trump 2.0: What would it mean for America and the world?

In the event of another Trump presidency, will the Orange Man restrain the desire to seek vengeance on his political enemies, or will he succumb to...

20.03.2024 20

Robert Bridge

Global hunger isn’t the worst food-related threat to humanity

World Obesity Day was marked this week and, with over a billion people afflicted worldwide, obesity is now considered more dangerous to global health...

11.03.2024 20

Robert Bridge

It’s time for cognitive tests for US presidential candidates

With American voters increasingly of the opinion that neither President Joe Biden nor his potential general election rival, Donald Trump, are mentally...

04.03.2024 20

Robert Bridge

Why a Kamala Harris presidency would be the death of the Democrats

With President Joe Biden’s advanced age and cognitive decline taking central stage just months before the presidential election, Democrats need to...

16.02.2024 10

Robert Bridge

Elites vs. deplorables: The US is now a two-tier nation

From their views on climate change to their views on education, the detached top one percent of the US populace has voiced a range of opinions so...

14.02.2024 50

Robert Bridge

Superbowl romance: Are Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce really an election-year psyop?

Psyop:  a military operation usually aimed at influencing the enemy’s state of mind through noncombative means (such as distribution of leaflets). ...

08.02.2024 10

Robert Bridge

What’s behind NATO members’ predictions of war with Russia?

As support for NATO’s proxy war against Russia in Ukraine shows signs of collapsing, hysterical anti-Russian rhetoric is accelerating to the point...

31.01.2024 20

Robert Bridge

Why many Americans believe only Trump can save the country

Coming off of a resounding victory in the New Hampshire primaries, former US President Donald Trump is on the road to a second presidential showdown...

24.01.2024 10

Robert Bridge

How ‘Diversity, Equity and Inclusion’ is wrecking the American dream

Once a nation built on the foundation of meritocracy, where the most qualified people – regardless of race, creed or gender – rise to the top,...

21.01.2024 50

Robert Bridge

Why the US can’t find enough troops to feed its imperial ambitions

Amid hopes that the 2024 US National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) would witness an uptick in troop strength, just the opposite has occurred, as...

09.01.2024 10

Robert Bridge

Will any of Jeffrey Epstein’s associates face justice?

The names of some 200 individuals connected to accused sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein were publicly released this week, but nobody should expect...

07.01.2024 20

Robert Bridge

How American history gets sacrificed at the altar of fake ‘healing’

There are no safe spaces left anywhere in America, especially if you’re an old bronze statue dedicated to dead white men with epic stories to tell....

20.12.2023 10

Robert Bridge

Democracy denied: A sinister force controls the US presidential debates

With Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in the running as an independent candidate in the 2024 presidential election, it’s a good time to revisit a part of the...

12.12.2023 50

Robert Bridge

Will Hunter’s crimes destroy Joe Biden’s political career?

The year 2023 certainly cannot end soon enough for the Biden regime. On the very same day House Republicans moved to formalize an impeachment inquiry...

09.12.2023 30

Robert Bridge

Can this one man dethrone both major US parties?

When Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced his independent bid for the US presidency, it sent shockwaves through the Beltway and beyond. Will the scion of...

07.12.2023 20

Robert Bridge

Transgender Awareness Month is a sad time for actual women

November is set aside for transgender people to raise awareness about the discrimination and violence that the community faces. But have we forgotten...

26.11.2023 10

Robert Bridge

San Francisco was ready to fix its main problem – not for Americans, but for Xi Jinping

This week, the residents of California’s fourth largest metropolis were surprised to find their streets free of homeless encampments, drug addicts,...

14.11.2023 10

Robert Bridge

America, your history is being erased: Why destroying the Robert E. Lee statue is an insult to the nation

The US political left is no longer content with canceling thoughts and words but has taken its Orwellian sword to the annals of history as well. What...

02.11.2023 30

Robert Bridge

Civil war 2.0? A troubling number of Americans believe political violence is acceptable

A new poll shows that Americans from both sides of the aisle favor shelving democracy and inflicting violence on their opponents, as trust in the...

31.10.2023 80

Robert Bridge

How living in your mom’s basement has replaced the American dream

Once upon a time, achieving the American dream required a bit of consumerism, like owning a home and an automobile. Today, however, an increasing...

22.10.2023 70

Robert Bridge

Hamas’ terror attack on Israel was similar to 9/11 in more ways than one

Thus far, the Benjamin Netanyahu government’s only answer to the brutality of last week’s terror attacks by Hamas has been brute force of its own....

14.10.2023 40

Robert Bridge

Americans get poorer as Washington throws cash at Ukraine and migrants

As Uncle Sam continues to pump billions of dollars into Kiev’s flagging fight against Russia and provide tempting handouts to illegal migrants, why...

08.10.2023 40

Robert Bridge

Crime, drugs and terrorism: What Biden’s open-border agenda means for the US

The defenders of open US borders like to sell the happy, optimistic narrative that asylum seekers are primarily innocent people looking to build a...

23.09.2023 40

Robert Bridge

BLM vs Proud Boys: The shocking hypocrisy of US law

It is becoming increasingly obvious that there are two systems of justice at play in the United States – one for Republicans and the other for...

16.09.2023 40

Robert Bridge

A country for old men: Is it time to slap term limits on America’s aging elite?

Last week, the Republican presidential hopeful Nikki Haley, in a shrewd attack on US President Joe Biden, 80, and on his main opponent, 77-year-old...

09.09.2023 10

Robert Bridge