Rachel Marsden

Rachel Marsden

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The EU is desperate to clamp down on Elon Musk’s free speech as ‘disinformation’

European Union officials are having a meltdown, all because Twitter CEO Elon Musk has withdrawn the platform from a “voluntary” EU code of conduct...

04.06.2023 10

Rachel Marsden

Canada’s ‘shocking’ new report on foreign interference has found none

The special rapporteur tasked by the Trudeau government with looking into foreign interference in Canadian politics didn’t find much. But he said...

27.05.2023 30

Rachel Marsden

The EU hopes Türkiye emerges from the presidential election as a subservient ditz

The EU is dangling bloc membership in front of yet another candidate country like it’s an engagement ring. One that desperately needs an independent...

18.05.2023 20

Rachel Marsden

European leaders reach peak dystopia on Victory Day

The recent behavior of European leaders strongly suggests that they’ve even managed to successfully brainwash themselves. Either that, or they just...

12.05.2023 40

Rachel Marsden

The West risks creating a ‘Snow ISIS’ in Europe with extremists going to fight in Ukraine

A new assassination attempt shook Russia last week, targeting a prominent civilian figure — this time, writer Zakhar Prilepin, whose car was blown...

08.05.2023 40

Rachel Marsden

The EU has spilled Ukrainian grain meant for Africa all over itself and desperately needs parental supervision

Remember all the talk about how critical it was to get Ukrainian and Russian grain shipped out of the country to feed the hungry in Africa and Asia?...

27.04.2023 10

Rachel Marsden

Western media suddenly hates Twitter’s ‘government-funded’ labels

Recently, some media outlets have quit Twitter over what they see as unjust labeling, which leads to the question – where was their outrage when the...

20.04.2023 30

Rachel Marsden

What lurks behind Macron’s epiphany that angered US lawmakers?

En route back from China, the French president suddenly started singing the praises of European independence vis-à-vis Washington. But words are...

14.04.2023 20

Rachel Marsden

The Taliban did in one year what Washington couldn’t in 20, sparking new panic

It’s been nearly a year since the Taliban banned Afghan poppy farming used for the production of opioids. The impact of the move is set to hit...

11.04.2023 10

Rachel Marsden

The West sets a disturbing new precedent over murdered Russian military blogger

Apparently terrorism and murdering journalists get a free pass if the Western establishment doesn’t like the target’s profile – or if the...

06.04.2023 20

Rachel Marsden

Washington’s chronic disinterest in conflict exit strategies doesn’t bode well for Ukraine

"We've said it before and we’ll say it again today that if coming out of this meeting, there’s some sort of call for a ceasefire, well, that’s...

26.03.2023 10

Rachel Marsden

Canada proposes its own foreign agent registry to deafening silence from the West

In the same week that the entire Western establishment had a collective meltdown over a law requiring organizations in Georgia that receive more than...

15.03.2023 10

Rachel Marsden

The US military plans to use deep fakes and take over appliances for propaganda

Can you create cutting edge “deep fake” videos, spy on people using household appliances, and make massive data dragnets? If so, the Pentagon...

09.03.2023 80

Rachel Marsden

French military bases in Africa will now self-identify as schools

After France was dumped by some of its former colonies in Africa in favor of new partners, like Russia and China, French President Emmanuel Macron...

28.02.2023 20

Rachel Marsden

Canada's Freedom Convoy crackdown was not the last or the worst one

The final report on the Canadian government’s use of the Emergencies Act amid last year’s country-wide trucker protests against Covid-19 vaccine...

25.02.2023 10

Rachel Marsden

Joe Biden is making Europe great again – for the US

In his State of the Union address earlier this month, US President Joe Biden referenced Europe several times, and the underlying message was always...

20.02.2023 20

Rachel Marsden

One year ago, this Western democracy dipped into autocracy

On February 14, 2022, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked a sweeping nationwide measure, the kind of which hadn’t been used since his...

14.02.2023 30

Rachel Marsden

On Covid-19 and beyond, Western democracies are deploying military-grade propaganda to fight dissent

Thanks to a whistleblower, we now know that critics of Covid-19-related lockdowns and vaccine mandates — including prominent journalists and...

03.02.2023 20

Rachel Marsden

Private military competition: Why the US is really so worried about Russia's Wagner

Interference in other countries' affairs via private contractors has long been a staple of US influence operations. Now, Washington is trying to...

28.01.2023 100

Rachel Marsden

Germany is rewriting history to blame Russia for its own bad decisions

The German town of Brunsbuttel, near Hamburg, received a new floating liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal on Friday, another step in the country’s...

23.01.2023 20

Rachel Marsden

The Davos establishment reveals whom it truly fears

The World Economic Forum at Davos used to be THE place to see and be seen, but the idea of the richest and most influential people in the world...

22.01.2023 70

Rachel Marsden

Covid-related tech was exploited for mass surveillance, just as we were warned

New revelations show that the Covid pandemic has allowed for governments and Big Tech to expand the surveillance-industrial complex that tightens the...

09.01.2023 30

Rachel Marsden

The EU’s freeze of Russian media assets is a perversion of its own principles

Apparently, it wasn’t enough for the European Union to block access to media outlets on TV and radio, and demand that YouTube and all social media...

22.12.2022 40

Rachel Marsden

The European Parliament’s ‘Qatar scandal’ is just the tip of a corruption iceberg

In a corruption scandal that strikes at the heart of European Union governance, a vice-president of the European Parliament, Eva Kaili, of Greece, has...

15.12.2022 70

Rachel Marsden

The EU demands that the Balkans pick the ‘right’ side

The last Balkan country to actually ascend to European Union membership was Croatia, in 2013. And this year, the Balkans have had to contend with the...

10.12.2022 20

Rachel Marsden

Chinese anti-lockdown protesters earn the praise that Western ones never got

“It’s really important that citizens be able to make themselves heard, that they are protesting on a specific issue that touches on so many others...

02.12.2022 30

Rachel Marsden

An African country kicks out French influence operations, Macron blames Russian ‘disinformation’

Mali declared a ban this week on the activities of non-governmental organizations within the country that receive funding from France. The move came...

26.11.2022 50

Rachel Marsden

What does the EU Parliament’s designation of Russia as a ‘state sponsor of terrorism’ mean?

On Wednesday, members of the European Parliament adopted a resolution naming Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism. The move follows a similar NATO...

24.11.2022 60

Rachel Marsden