Rachel Marsden

Rachel Marsden

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The US has a new insidious plan for Venezuelan oil

Six months ago, high oil prices in America amid Western sanctions against Russian oil and gas sent the Biden administration scrambling for more...

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Rachel Marsden

Ukraine is using this simple trick to hurt the EU

Ukraine says that in the wake of recent unattributed drone attacks on the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, Moscow just has to give it back. Not that...

10.04.2024 20

Rachel Marsden

The US and France are playing good cop, bad cop with Ukraine’s attacks on Russia

“It’s our policy from Day One, when it comes to Ukraine, to do everything we can to help Ukraine defend itself against Russian aggression. At the...

06.04.2024 30

Rachel Marsden

The 13-year-old war in Syria holds a warning for Ukraine

‘March Madness’ is such a NATO thing. The Western military alliance routinely kicks off conflicts in foreign countries during this particular...

01.04.2024 50

Rachel Marsden

The US has sacrificed a common anti-terror principle to stick it to Putin

In the wake of the terrorist attack that killed over 130 people in Moscow, the White House is sure about a lot of things – that it had nothing to do...

27.03.2024 10

Rachel Marsden

Here’s why NATO warmongers are hyping up Russia’s imaginary attack plans

NATO’s peddling of a “Russian threat” is reaching telethon levels of relentlessness – worse than a house alarm salesman in TV advertisements...

22.03.2024 20

Rachel Marsden

Zelensky and the West have found a new scam – and taxpayers will foot the bill

What do you do to boost GDP when your country is neck-deep in military conflict and your allies’ main interest is using you to wash taxpayer cash...

04.03.2024 20

Rachel Marsden

Nuland accidentally reveals the true aim of the West in Ukraine

US State Department fixture and Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, Victoria Nuland, aka “Regime Change Karen,” apparently woke up...

27.02.2024 20

Rachel Marsden

Mouth of mass distraction: How Lindsey Graham earned his ‘sponsor of terrorism’ designation

Let’s play a little game, shall we? It’s called: “Who said it: a famous terrorist or US Senator Lindsey Graham?” “I have been saying for six...

22.02.2024 10

Rachel Marsden

Putin is the new climate change: Von der Leyen drags the Russian president into her green fantasies

It’s hard to tell if she’s blaming him or crediting him, but European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen told a meeting of the Paris-based...

19.02.2024 30

Rachel Marsden

The real propagandists are those who dismiss Tucker Carlson’s Putin interview

American establishment media spent the days in the run-up to Tucker Carlson’s interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin pre-judging it as...

09.02.2024 30

Rachel Marsden

Von der Leyen celebrates ‘a great day for Europe’ as farmers trash Brussels

“Agreement! The European Council delivered on our priorities. Supporting Ukraine…. A good day for Europe,” tweeted unelected European...

02.02.2024 20

Rachel Marsden

French fury: Farmers sowing seeds of revolution against elites in Paris

The French government is scrambling to get a whole lot of tractors off the nation’s major highways. Good luck with that when 89% of French citizens...

25.01.2024 30

Rachel Marsden

Mercenaries and neo-Nazis: Why French citizens keep dying senseless deaths for Ukraine

It used to be a point of pride for Western nations that their citizens were so eager to go play Rambo in Ukraine with dreams of 'smoking' Russians. Or...

19.01.2024 7

Rachel Marsden

‘Extremists stoking rage’: The German government seeks to downplay protesting workers' plight

I spent a week with farmers protesting near the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Too bad Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s government didn’t get down off its...

16.01.2024 10

Rachel Marsden

The German government is ripping off the farmers who feed the country

Farmers and their tractors started gathering on Monday here in Berlin as well as in cities across all of Germany’s federal states, including...

10.01.2024 10

Rachel Marsden

How the US and its ‘friends’ keep stealing each other’s secrets

“There is an active hunt not only for promising research, the data and parameters of our weapons, but also for our specialists who are especially...

30.12.2023 30

Rachel Marsden

Germany uses the weapon of climate change against its own people

German farmers rolled into Berlin on their tractors last week to have a very public word with the managers who have revoked their long-standing...

25.12.2023 20

Rachel Marsden

French teachers can’t do their job for fear of Muslim students

A teacher in suburban Paris is being accused of Islamophobia for showing her class, for the purpose of an analytical exercise, the classic painting...

14.12.2023 20

Rachel Marsden

What Time’s 2023 Person of the Year reveals about the West

Each year, editors of the prestigious American news magazine, Time, choose a person, group, idea, or object which, for better or worse, made the most...

07.12.2023 10

Rachel Marsden

The French are desperate for a new Napoleon. Will they get one?

Say what you want about Napoleon Bonaparte, but there’s no denying that he was an absolute alpha who can still blow a beret right off the head of a...

29.11.2023 10

Rachel Marsden

‘F**k the EU’: Nuland’s decade-old Maidan quip has never been more true

This week, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky – and his Western backers – celebrated the tenth anniversary of the start of the Maidan protests...

23.11.2023 7

Rachel Marsden

Date for Zelensky: The UK appoints a failed PM as its new foreign secretary

Within hours of being appointed Britain’s new foreign secretary, former Prime Minister David Cameron landed in Kiev. Cameron had already decked out...

16.11.2023 20

Rachel Marsden

The EU praises Ukraine’s ‘achievements,’ but in reality they are laughable

The European Commission just released a report card for countries seeking to join the European Union. And while Türkiye has been waiting on the...

12.11.2023 20

Rachel Marsden

Why Israel wants to dump Palestinian refugees on a Western nation

Israel’s Intelligence Ministry has come up with a creative solution for dealing with those displaced by the Gaza conflict, of which there are an...

07.11.2023 10

Rachel Marsden

Why a global anti-Hamas coalition pushed by Macron is a bad idea

Last week, standing beside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a visit to Jerusalem, French President Emmanuel Macron suggested recycling...

02.11.2023 10

Rachel Marsden

What Biden’s ‘new world order’ really means

We all have that one friend who can’t stop arranging things – whether it’s matchmaking, dinner parties, or vacation itineraries programmed down...

24.10.2023 7

Rachel Marsden

Grieving for peaceful Palestinians or Israelis shouldn’t make you absolve terrorism or war crimes

Can we denounce Hamas’ attacks without being labeled a Zionist shill and defend Palestinian civilians without being labeled pro-terrorist? If not,...

17.10.2023 10

Rachel Marsden

Western virtue signaling goes hypersonic over Israel

“Israel has the right to defend itself – today and in the days to come. The European Union stands with Israel,” tweeted European Commission...

11.10.2023 30

Rachel Marsden

Define ‘Nazi’: Western media muddies history to cover up Canada’s SS scandal

Historical revisionists are now trying to argue that actual Nazi soldiers were just anti-Soviet resisters.  We knew that it was coming. It was only a...

06.10.2023 20

Rachel Marsden

Apparently, Kevin McCarthy’s ouster is Putin’s fault

In a vote of 216-210, Republicans voted with 208 Democrats in the US House of Representatives to regime-change one of their own — House Speaker...

04.10.2023 10

Rachel Marsden

Macron is stuck between grief and acceptance on his Niger failure

In a wide-ranging interview last weekend that aired as much of France was conveniently glued to the Paris Saint Germain vs. Olympique Marseille...

26.09.2023 10

Rachel Marsden

Are you alright there, Vladimir? Ukrainian leader hysterically accuses the notoriously Russophobic Polish of helping Moscow

Ukraine and Poland’s relationship has apparently reached the throwing toys out of the pram phase. Speaking to the United Nations General Assembly...

21.09.2023 20

Rachel Marsden

Gamed by Zelensky: How Ukraine uses toxic pick-up tactics in disrespecting its Western backers to get what it wants

How many times have Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and his entourage dissed their Western friends for not meeting Kiev's expectations? In just...

18.09.2023 10

Rachel Marsden

The EU’s best weapon against free speech isn’t working

The European Commission has concluded in a new report that despite making pinky-promises to “mitigate the reach and influence of Kremlin-sponsored...

07.09.2023 10

Rachel Marsden