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Taiwan Is Indispensable in Preparing for Future Pandemics

As the WHO debates a new global health governance framework, Taiwan is left out of the discussion – to the detriment of future antipandemic efforts.

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Hsueh Jui-Yuan

Welcome to World War III

The Western-led “rules-based order” of 1945 is fraying, but nothing seems to be emerging that might replace it.

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Michael Vatikiotis

How the New UN Special Envoy to Myanmar Should Approach Her Impossible Mission

Former Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop faces an unenviable task in attempting to bring peace to the country.

19.04.2024 8

The Diplomat

Scot Marciel

It Is High Time to Engage North Korea

The alternative is to do nothing and drift into an even more serious crisis as North Korea further builds up its nuclear and missile capabilities.

19.04.2024 20

The Diplomat

Jongsoo Lee

Reciprocal Access: How to Deal with TikTok and Other Chinese Apps Fairly and Democratically

Liberal democracies should restrict TikTok and other Chinese apps until China allows foreign platforms equal and fair access to the Chinese digital...

16.04.2024 10

The Diplomat

Nithin Coca

United Front, Clean Future: South Asia’s Path to Sustainable Energy

A move toward unified energy and environmental systems will not only tackle air pollution directly but also stimulate economic growth and promote...

11.04.2024 6

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Abdul Waheed Bhutto