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Pakistan’s Silent Epidemic

Violence against women is a dark and undeniable reality in Paki­stan. It happens with almost the same frequency in rural and urban ar­eas. When...

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Khaliq Dad Lak

Unified Tax Collection

The World Bank’s recent de­mand for Pakistan to estab­lish a unified General Sales Tax (GST) collection agency has sparked a critical debate....

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Majid Burfat

We Must Never Quit

Two seemingly unrelated recent events have caused me to reflect on the long journey to Arab American empow­erment: the death of former Senator...

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Dr. James J. Zogby

State Terrorism by India

On January 24, 2024, foreign Sec­retary Muhammad Syrus Sajjad Qazi in a media briefing revealed that India was involved in committing extra-...

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Malik Muhammad Ashraf

A Deplorable Plague

A nation anchored in the principles of Islam, Pak­istan finds itself grappling with an insidious menace: child abuse. This abhorrent reality casts...

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Aftab Ali Khan Musa

Traditions, and New Ways

As Eid ul Fitr is celebrated, it is a good time to reflect on old foundations, tradi­tions and new ways. Most things remain the same, but some...

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Atle Hetland

Challenges of Climate Change & COP29

Climate change has been playing havoc in many countries of the World including Pakistan in the last few years. Greenhouse gases and Carbon...

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Tazeen Akhtar

Bollywood: A Political Pawn

People get easily trapped in these baits because lately, the characters in such propagan­da movies are played by their fa­vourite actors. Seeing...

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Usama Asghar

How not to Lead Universities

Education is like a train, with schools, colleges, and universi­ties as its carriages and bogies, while students are the passen­gers who carry...

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The Nation

Muneer Hussain

China’s Global Health Diplomacy

The People’s Republic of Chi­na (PRC) demonstrates notable transparency in pursuing interna­tional order reform. In the context of its...

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The Nation

Abu Hurrairah Abbasi

Flux in Universities

Recently, university affairs have been in the news for various reasons. First, the appointment of a regular vice-chancellor (VC) is imperative for...

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The Nation

Ahsan Munir

Decades of Unity

As NATO marks its 75th anniversary, it’s crucial to re­flect on its journey, the transformations it has under­gone, and the challenges it faces...

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The Nation

Safeer Hussain Shah

Reset or no Reset?

Rumour mills are working overtime. It is not just bab­bling babblers aka vlog­gers but even serious analysts and anchors who deal with Pak...

08.04.2024 3

The Nation

Murtaza Solangi

In Search of Elusive Glory

India has not only formally accepted its past (mis) adventures overseas but also spelled out its future mo­dus operandi to advance its national...

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The Nation

Najm Us Saqib