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Challenges in a more uncertain world

We live in a time when most news is negative and worrying. In today’s article, I shall draw attention to some important issues that apply...

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Atle Hetland

You are not your studies

Last week a high school student from a private school in Islamabad jumped from the second floor of the school building. Luckily the young girl has...

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Zara Maqbool

Arab opinion reflects regional changes

The Arab World has seen a significant juggling of relationships. After the debacle of Iraq and 20 years of dizzying, often incoherent shifts in...

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Dr James J Zogby

Looking beyond the obvious

Whilst becoming victims of ignorance and bigotry and wondering what will happen to us and our country, whose puppets will we become after this...

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Ayesha Manzoor Wattoo

Escalatory dynamics

As the world grapples with emerging technologies, concerns have been raised in this regard that AI advancements could erode the underlying...

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Moneeb Mir

Political participation

About a fortnight ago, I wrote on the issue of how the present crackdown on women has been devised as a deterrence for women to participate in...

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Fereeha Idrees

Civilians under military law

Military justice is a distinct legal system that applies to members of armed forces and, in some cases, civilians. Throughout numerous countries...

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Hafiz Ahsaan Ahmad Khokhar

Understanding history

Justice S.A. Rehman, a former Chief Justice of Pakistan had to flee Decca Cantonment in his night suit. In the year 1968, Ayub Khan the first...

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Dr Farid A Malik

Leading the world

Economic, political, regional, and technological advancements always impact the global world order. The Marshall Plan allowed America to increase...

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Waqar Hassan

Pakistan’s Nuclear Weapons

Regarding maintaining calm and order in South Asia, Pakistan’s nuclear weapons development is essential. Pakistan’s acquisition of nuclear weapons...

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Hira Bashir

Pakistan: Bucking the odds

Barring a few odd elements, Khan’s rise and fall narrative could be found in any tome of history. He came, he saw, and he conquered. Even his...

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Najm Us Saqib

Cyber Threats to Nuclear Weapons

“The more connected we get, the more we need to be concerned about security. The more we depend on technology, the more we need to be concerned...

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Rimsha Malik

Pakistan-Korea diplomatic relations

Pakistan and Korea are celebrating the 40 anniversary of their bilateral relations this year (1983-2023). Relations between the two countries in...

28.05.2023 1

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Syed Ali Nawaz Gilani

Improving graduate-level studies

In the Pakistani context, the English language has taken a vital place, especially on academic grounds. At the university level, the Pakistani...

28.05.2023 30

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Dr. Saira Kazmi

Nuclear Deterrence

The basic premise of the deterrence theory is that a country possessing nuclear weapons can prevent another country from any kind of aggression by...

28.05.2023 20

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Annie Shabbeer

An open letter to the Foreign Minister of ...

Your Excellency, It is my hope that you are doing well. At the very outset, I would like to congratulate you on the successful conclusion of the...

27.05.2023 7

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Haider Omar Hayat

Academia-industry collaborations

There is a dire need to build and strengthen the academia-industry gap in Pakistan which is expanding with each passing year. The industry experts...

27.05.2023 4

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Muhammad Omar Iftikhar

India’s Achilles’ Heel

India is a country of more than a billion souls who unfortunately at present are subjected to the torments of the BJP led RSS agenda. The religious...

27.05.2023 3

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Reema Shaukat

An extraordinary case

In the wake of the horrendous attack on the Army Public school in Peshawar by TTP on 16 December 2014 in which 149 people were killed including 132...

26.05.2023 40

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Malik Muhammad Ashraf

Turkey’s elections and Pakistan

From student days in Turkey with hospitable Turkish students, studying Turkish history, then since 1969 close friendships with Turkish diplomats in...

26.05.2023 10

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Ambassador Tariq Osman Hyder

A game of chicken

The Kashmir region, nestled between India and Pakistan, has long been a simmering cauldron of tensions, geopolitical rivalries, and territorial...

26.05.2023 4

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Abdul Rehman