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Lessons from India's emergency rule: A cautionary tale for Pakistan's democratic future On June 25, 1975, India experienced the beginning of a dark period in its postcolonial history. Prime Minister Indira...

yesterday 5

Arab News Pakistan

Javed Hassan

Pakistan’s security gaps came to the surface on May 9 The serious implications of the unprecedented incidents of violence and arson which happened in various cities and...

yesterday 10

Arab News Pakistan

Ahmed Bilal Mehboob

Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline: Self-destructive policies and the national interest Pakistan has been unable to act to secure its national interests consistently. The Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline is yet...

previous day 20

Arab News Pakistan

Salman Bashir

Pakistan’s human rights obligations require it to treat arrested persons with dignity In the aftermath of the violence committed at various national institutions on May 9, the Pakistani state’s decision to...

previous day 10

Arab News Pakistan

Moghees Uddin Khan

Pakistan: In the eye of an epic regional dream Something strange and beguiling is happening in Pakistan’s neighborhood. Even while consciously fashioning a more...

thursday 10

Arab News Pakistan

Adnan Rehmat

Riyadh and Karachi: The rise of a new mega city Throughout history, the rise of nations has followed the rise of their mega cities. These mega cities project cultural,...

thursday 1

Arab News Pakistan

Malik Ahmad Jalal

Israel’s war on Gaza: Collateral damage by name, murder by nature It is an imperative that any fighting force that would like to be regarded as moral and ethical should refrain from...

31.05.2023 3

Arab News Pakistan

Yossi Mekelberg

Is it the end of the road for Imran Khan? The limits of populism are very much evident by the crumbling of the party led by former prime minister Imran Khan in the...

29.05.2023 2

Arab News Pakistan

Zahid Hussain