Bradley Blankenship

Bradley Blankenship

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Why Israel is risking a dramatic escalation with Iran

On April 1, Israel bombed and ultimately destroyed the Iranian consulate annex building situated next to the Iranian Embassy in Damascus, Syria. The...

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Bradley Blankenship

Why the US decided to give peace in Gaza a chance

In a historic move on Monday, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) achieved a breakthrough by passing a binding resolution aimed at securing a...

28.03.2024 20

Bradley Blankenship

Tehran is getting better infrastructure than New York – thanks to China

Last week, Masoud Dorosti, the managing director of Tehran’s bustling metro system, dropped a bombshell: After seven years of intense negotiations,...

15.03.2024 50

Bradley Blankenship

Why the US sent the CIA chief to handle Israel-Hamas negotiations

US President Joe Biden has deployed overseas his CIA Director William Burns, who served as secretary of state and deputy secretary of state under...

29.01.2024 9

Bradley Blankenship

Why Trump is the favorite in 2024

In the symphony of American politics, the Iowa caucus has once again unveiled its complex dance as the first major contest in the run-up to the...

22.01.2024 50

Bradley Blankenship

People of Taiwan don’t want war with Beijing – so why did they elect a pro-independence ‘president’?

In the heart of the Asia-Pacific, the self-governing island of Taiwan – formally the Republic of China (ROC) – finds itself at the crossroads of...

15.01.2024 60

Bradley Blankenship

Why China loved Kissinger, the guardian angel of the American empire

Earlier this week, the famed former secretary of state and national security adviser Henry Kissinger passed away. This news was put out by a statement...

03.12.2023 40

Bradley Blankenship

Pinochet wannabe? Argentina’s president-elect is not the libertarian he claims to be

The far-right Argentine economist and so-called “libertarian” Javier Milei was elected president on Sunday night, promising to tackle inflation...

21.11.2023 10

Bradley Blankenship

How Biden proved his incompetence at summit with Xi

Recently, the 2002 'Letter to America' by then-Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden went viral on TikTok after young Americans rediscovered it and,...

18.11.2023 10

Bradley Blankenship

Pro-Palestine protests are ignored by the Western elite, and it may be a fatal mistake

In recent days, there has been a wave of pro-Palestine protests across the world as violence in Gaza escalates in the wake of an Israeli invasion and...

16.11.2023 30

Bradley Blankenship

Beijing’s vision for Hong Kong is about to be put to the test

On December 10, Hong Kong will have its first District Council elections since the implementation of this year’s electoral reform law. It will be a...

11.11.2023 20

Bradley Blankenship

Why American Muslims aren’t buying Biden’s anti-Islamophobia spiel

This week, the administration of US President Joe Biden announced that it would, according to Reuters, “develop a national strategy to battle...

04.11.2023 30

Bradley Blankenship

In one way, Palestinians are modern-day ‘negroes’

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas is quickly gaining steam, potentially spiraling completely out of control. A lot of this has to do with...

26.10.2023 10

Bradley Blankenship

The US can ‘certainly’ fund two wars – but should it?

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen made headlines this week when she said that America can afford to help Israel and Ukraine in their respective war...

20.10.2023 10

Bradley Blankenship

China is reshaping the world with Belt and Road, and it’s a good thing

Representatives from more than 140 countries will convene in China this week for another edition of the Belt and Road Forum, an international...

16.10.2023 20

Bradley Blankenship

The Hamas terror attack on Israel was not ‘unprovoked’

Since Hamas’ surprise attack on the Israeli people on Saturday, the world has been painfully divided. While there is no question that terrorism and...

12.10.2023 30

Bradley Blankenship

MAGA power rocks the US establishment

Former Speaker of the US House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy just got ousted from his post as the third-highest constitutional officer in...

06.10.2023 60

Bradley Blankenship

Dianne Feinstein’s replacement cranks her problems up to 11

US Senator Dianne Feinstein, the longest-serving female senator in American history, passed away on September 29 after a long, trailblazing career in...

04.10.2023 30

Bradley Blankenship

Syria shows the way to fighting imperialism, thanks to Russia and China

Syrian President Bashar Assad arrived in China’s Hangzhou last Thursday, his first visit to the East Asian giant since 2004. His talks with his...

01.10.2023 20

Bradley Blankenship

Biden shouldn't be ridiculed. He should be pitied

Ahead of the latest UN General Assembly meeting in New York City, where US President Joe Biden gave a speech, the X (formerly Twitter) account of...

23.09.2023 40

Bradley Blankenship

The latest revelation in the 'spy balloon' story exposes the absurdity of US-China relations

Seven months ago, the US government and media were in a frenzy over a supposed ‘Chinese spy balloon’ spotted over the country. This prompted the...

19.09.2023 40

Bradley Blankenship

This arrogant multimillionaire is spoiling for a class war

Tim Gurner, founder of the real estate company Gurner Group, with an estimated net worth of $584 million, has gone viral after a comment he made at...

15.09.2023 20

Bradley Blankenship

Huawei’s sneak attack tears a hole in US sanctions on China

Recently, Huawei’s Mate 60 smartphone rolled out to great acclaim with no advertising campaign or advance notice. On August 30, Reuters reported...

13.09.2023 40

Bradley Blankenship

If the US economy is doing great, why are most Americans not feeling it?

There’s been a debate lately in the United States about the supposed success of President Joe Biden’s economic policies and the “vibecession”...

08.09.2023 40

Bradley Blankenship