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Washington's Refined Art of Torturing China May Ignite a War

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When visiting China, when working there regularly, things all of a sudden appear to be extremely familiar.

I feel here like I did in Russia, during the end of the reign of Boris Yeltsin.

Many people then, used to welcome everything European and North American with open arms. All that the Soviet Communists used to say was suddenly considered wrong; all that the West bombarded people of Eastern Europe with, was taken as a pure gold. Individuals questioning the Western narrative were considered purely ignorant.

We all know what followed: workers and miners had to block railways tracks, because their wages were not paid for months, even years. Grandmothers were tortured, literally ironed, so they would reveal passwords to their bank accounts. People were dying behind closed doors, many freezing to death in sub-zero temperatures. Life expectancy dropped to that of Sub-Saharan Africa. Everything was privatized.

That was precisely what the West wanted: Russia on its knees, open to monstrous plunder.

How do I know? I was in New York, studying film, and supporting myself as a high-level simultaneous and consecutive interpreter. ‘I was there’, during the ‘negotiations’, during all that filth.

At some point, I almost blew out my brains, dropped everything, and ran to Peru, to cover the ‘Dirty War’.

Luckily for Russia, this madness and unquestioning obsession with everything coming from the West, did not last very long. Russia reflected, understood, and rose from its knees. It is not perfect, as nothing in this world is, but it is great again.


China now is somewhere “there”, where Russia was, during the months when President Putin came to power. All over that enormous and deep nation, it is nothing less than a national awakening.

After years, even decades, hundreds of millions of Chinese people have been greatly influenced by Western propaganda, even directly infiltrated by........

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