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Tibi… not Bibi

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For centuries the Jewish people have experienced burning, gassing, murder, exile and humiliation by the Christian anti-Semites in Europe and beyond. Not so by the Muslim world. In the world of Islam, Jews were relegated to lower positions and were required to pay a tax for their protection, but there were never Arab inquisitions nor Muslim concentration camps or gas chambers.

Now, it very sadly appears that the anti-Semitism of Europe has been transformed into anti-Arabism by members of an Israeli religious party led by two hateful racists, Bezalel Smotrich and Itamar Ben-Gvir.

Is there a difference between them and Germany’s Nazis? Yes. There is one difference. Whereas the Nazis sought to exterminate all Jews, the Religious Zionists seek rather to expel all Arab citizens out of Israel including every Moslem resident who holds Israeli citizenship. From the Nazi “Judenfrei” we now shamefully experience “Arabfrei”. A pox upon the Religious Zionist racists. They shame us!

Pulsa diNura is the ancient kabbalistic curse that befits racists in Israel.

Smotrich’s recent attack on the Joint List’s leader, Dr. Ahmed Tibi, is a disgraceful example of his racism. Dr. Tibi is an honored and respected member........

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