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Tough talk and support of US devalues Australians

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The phrase “the government will not jeopardise the lives of any other Australians” in response to the plight of 66 Australians caught in Syria is code for “these Australians are not as good as other Australians” ("Australians stranded by US pullout from Syria'', October 9).

While some of the adults made unwise or criminal decisions, they are either Australian or not. As for the small children, show me their crime. What are the needs of these people compared to the need of the government to appear tough? - Chris Ghent, Wentworth Falls

Will the government be happy when these innocent children trapped in Syria end up on the trafficking market? This is a very strong possibility now with the added horror of the Erdogan government moving into the area.

They also should be reminded that their party was in part responsible for the region's 16-year horror, with its move against the non-existent weapons of mass destruction. - Geoff Harris, Mount Victoria

The implications of Donald Trump’s “America first” policies might be seeping through to our collective intelligence, albeit at the expense of our “allies” – the courageous Kurds – being exposed to a Turkish massacre (''Key lesson for Australia in Trump's sudden move in Syria'', October 9).

Unless Australia develops an independent stance in Asia, it will get to the point of our “allies”, the US, throwing Australia under a bus'or more likely a tank. - Steve Johnson, Elizabeth Beach

Surely the only way to understand Donald Trump’s words and threats is to realise that he is actually playing the role of President in the way he thinks it should be done ("Allies lead revolt over Trump’s 'big mistake", October 9). Now with many not appreciating his latest strong-man threats, he reminds us of his “great and unmatched wisdom”, as any egotistical actor would. - Joan Brown, Orange

House speaker Nancy Pelosi slammed the move as an “abuse of power” but Trump hit back, dismissing the impeachment inquiry process as a “kangaroo court”. Leave our wildlife out of your ravings, Mr President. - Roger Lee, Raworth

Trump is playing with matches again. He’s so like the characters in The Great Gatsby; "they smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness, or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other people clean up the mess they had made”. - Deb McPherson, Gerringong

President Trump, I don't like American sponsored endless wars either, so stop threatening other nations with your locked and loaded nonsense. While the US has proven itself great at dropping bombs, it is terrible and finishing the wars it starts. - Henry Spirek, Orange

Despite being a self-declared stable genius and possessed of great and unmatched wisdom, Trump is simply an unhinged and dangerous twit with a tweet (''With divine wisdom, Trump composes a tweet for Turkey'', October 9). - Maureen Moss, Beecroft

Did the leader of the most powerful nation on earth actually say “in my great and unmatched wisdom”? Forget impeachment, he should be committed. This is megalomania and it’s dangerous. - Richard Keyes, Enfield

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