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In the name of honour

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A lot of us of the male variety are mad at the boorish tone of placards displayed during Aurat March 2019 or for them being audacious, obnoxious, and lacking reverence for established cultural norms.

It is curious that many who claim to be proponents of women’s rights and opposed to misogyny, and not just predictable bigots, have taken offence to this year’s well-attended and spirited women’s march. It is the angry irreverent tone that bothers us, we say. Should men mind abuse hurled at the misbehaviour or oppression that they claim to be opposed to?

The tone argument is the most flexible weapon one can employ as a bully. If you accept its logic and legitimacy, it works like a nuclear option. “It’s not what you said, but how you said it” – this sure was conceived by one creative mind. Basically, you claim the power to determine when the tone redline gets crossed and once you determine that it has, you are liberated of the need to respond to the merit of the argument logically. Here is the cause and effect linkage: a woman’s rude tone besmirches male honour, defending which aggressively is a sacred male duty.

In our male-dominated society, many want male progeny. One of the reasons for that is that we are acutely aware of the power imbalance between men and women. As parents who love our kids, we don’t wish for them to be part of the team that is on the receiving end of this imbalance. We wish our kids the catchphrase from ‘Hunger Games’: “may the odds be ever in your favour”. And statistically the chance of that happening is much higher if you are a boy and not a girl. That our baby girls will, one day, need to suffer boys like us is a scary thought.

So will we help fix this power differential out of a sense of fairness? No we won’t. No one gives up power voluntarily. As men, we are at the top of the food chain due to this power imbalance. We will employ all means to guard our interests: employ the logic of division of labour and how nature has defined........

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