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Joe Biden is Trump’s biggest asset in 2020

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“By seeking and blundering we learn,” the renowned German thinker Johann Wolfgang von Goethe asserts is the recipe for progress. It’s just a pity he isn’t around now to advise the Democratic Party on how to beat Trump, because in its case the blundering hasn’t stopped and the learning hasn’t begun.

Putting it another way, if, as supporters of Bernie Sanders allege, the DNC (Democratic National Committee, official governing body of the Democratic Party) is intent on repeating its blunder of 2016, when it rigged its nomination process in favour of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Trump’s re-election is guaranteed.

This time round, not Hillary Clinton but Joe Biden is the DNC’s preferred choice. And just like Clinton before him, Biden is a product of a liberal establishment yet to wake up to the fact that the thin gruel of political centrism belongs in the trashcan of history along with its economic twin, neoliberalism.

‘Honest Joe’ is the latest in a long line of out-of-touch Democrats who believe that shadow rather than substance is the way to the hearts of the American voting public. However, having been fooled once by an all singing and all dancing Barack Obama, who didn’t so much campaign in poetry and govern in prose, as campaign in poetry and govern in graffiti, the same voting public is yearning for a semblance of substance.

Joe Biden, as Obama did and as Clinton tried, claims to be on the side of the common man. Example: “We're going to build an economy that doesn't just reward wealth; we're going to build an economy that rewards work. We're going to build an economy that works for........

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