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Libya at Threshold of Monumental Events

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Western media outlets are once again in throes of panic as they report on the latest developments in Libya. According to French newspaper Le Monde, while the world was following NATO’s Jubilee Summit, held in Washington, there was a turning point in the civil war in Libya. Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, who controls Libya’s eastern territories, ordered his army to capture Tripoli. Quite naturally, Western experts who believe the world revolves around them have been unable to forgive themselves as the latest events did not go according to their predictions. And not surprisingly, European leaders are currently in a state of complete confusion and do not know what to do next in this African nation.

Tripoli is currently ruled by Islamic forces, and the UN-endorsed Government of National Accord, a puppet interim government headed by Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj. Officially, Khalifa Haftar’s aim is to expel insurgents and Islamic units from the western part of the country. But if he manages to capture the capital, there are bound to be problems for the UN-supported government too. In the long-term, the Field Marshal could use the support from his powerful army to unite Libya and become its sole ruler.

Such developments will completely change the regional geopolitical landscape, which does not work for Europeans. After all, European nations, led by France, did not crush this county and topple its leader, Muammar Gaddafi, only to then face a unified prosperous nation yet again. The entire world remembers that former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was unable to conceal her pleasure at seeing the cruel death of the leader of the Arab Jamahiriya.

European media sources are alarmed for yet another reason. Military operations in Libya will naturally result in a new wave of refugees arriving in Europe. At present, a flood of refugees is, by force of habit, moving towards Tunisia, where they intend to wait out their ordeal. But many are tempted to make their way to Europe under any pretext. What will Europeans leaders do then? We can look at some examples from the past. For instance, key criticism addressed towards the “Iron Chancellor” of Germany, Angela Merkel, stemmed from the arrival of a new wave of refugees in her country.

European leaders seem to have forgotten the wonderful proverb “measure twice, cut once”. After all, under Muammar Gaddafi, Libya was a........

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