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PATEL: America’s Leaders Can Help Save A Declining Country By Coming Clean On Afghanistan

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Republicans are busy bashing President Joe Biden for his tragically botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. They should. He deserves it. The larger truth, though, is that leaders of both parties have botched Afghanistan now for 20 years. When people research why the American people so dramatically lost trust in national institutions and leaders, Afghanistan will be a case study.

America’s involvement in Afghanistan started, of course, after the 9/11 attacks. Afghanistan’s Taliban government had given safe haven to al-Qaida. After 9/11, President George W. Bush, with express authorization from Congress, initiated Operation Enduring Freedom to drive the Taliban from power and destroy al-Qaida and their leader, Osama bin Laden. This was a mission every sane American agreed with. It was an emotional time. The images of the first U.S. Special Operations troops on the ground in Afghanistan mounting a cavalry charge on horseback made us all swell with pride. With the huge exception of allowing bin Laden to sneak away through the mountains to Pakistan, the bulk of the Afghanistan mission was accomplished within two months. We obliterated Taliban forces, drove al-Qaida into hiding, disrupted their operations and killed thousands of terrorists. American soldiers did their jobs. (RELATED: Biden Dismisses Comment About Taliban Being Back In Power On 9/11 Anniversary, Says Not The Same Because Bin Laden Is Dead)

TOPSHOT – In this picture taken on July 15, 2021, Afghan militia fighters keep a watch at an outpost against Taliban insurgents at Charkint district in Balkh Province. (Photo by FARSHAD USYAN / AFP) (Photo by FARSHAD USYAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Instead of declaring victory, Bush, and President Barack Obama after him, expanded the Afghanistan mission to nation-building. Specifically, the plan for both was to establish a........

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