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This US show reveals how shallow & ill-informed America’s understanding of China is. No wonder we're losing the economic battle

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The national security director at the American Economic Liberties Project, Lucas Kunce, who was formerly with the Pentagon, recently told the Hill’s popular Rising program some things about China’s trade relationship with the United States and described it as a capture. ‘Rising’ is quite popular among millennials in America and has served to introduce interesting ideas to us, but this segment missed the mark on this subject, as it has done consistently.

Kunce told the program that American businesspeople who testified at recent congressional hearings said the US supply chain is dependent on China. He said that the US cannot make such things as prom dresses, Bibles, weapons systems, and even US dollars “without some components or resources coming from China.”

Kunce added: “So China has strategically captured our entire supply chain. And it makes us vulnerable, and it hurts American workers too, because we are losing skills that we need to try to get back and we’re losing good-paying jobs.”

He argued that, going back to Milton Friedman and the Chicago school of economics, the US started to pursue “self-interest above everything else,” which China has apparently used to gain leverage over America.

They figured out that all of the things that we build and create in our industries are controlled by individuals, and these individuals are subject to the profit slave,” he told the program.

First of all, no such conspiracy has taken place in the sense that it has actually been a conspiracy. Second, it takes little effort to see why that is and in a way kind of reinforces why the very real power shift has happened in the first place.

When I watched this video, I thought of a child who wants to get on a rollercoaster but is just a bit too short to make it on. Everyone on the show might be standing at the precipice of understanding what is actually an extraordinarily interesting subject, but they are missing something crucial – knowledge of the very public position of the Communist Party of China (CPC).

Let’s remind everyone that China is indeed pursuing the path of socialism and that the CPC is indeed a party based on Marxism,........

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