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The 2024 Horserace is Underway – Who are the Favorites?

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Although the 2024 presidential election is more than two years away, the horserace has begun, with potential candidates jockeying for financing, recognition, and position. After all, the US President is still the most powerful position in the world, although how long that remains the case is questionable with the rise of new financial and political world orders which may leave the US on the outside looking in.

The incumbent president typically has a huge advantage in reelection, although there are notable exceptions named Carter, Bush, and Trump. President Biden falls into the Carter category, presiding over a dismal economy. At least Carter recognized and made some attempt to right the sinking ship.

Biden is instead babbling incoherently and shaking hands with the air. Can he be reelected despite is already failed presidency? The Washington Post believes he is planning on running for a second term.

Slow Joe’s approval rating has dipped into the political death zone, 29 percent according to a recent Civiqs survey. Rasmussen has him polling higher, but still in the low 40s, a full 5-10 points below Trump at a similar point in their presidencies.

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Inflation is over 9 percent, and we are likely to confirm, in a few weeks what many already sense, that we are in a recession. The President and his team are making no effort to turn things around, only taxing, spending, and regulating America into further stagflation.

A Siena College poll finds 64% of Democrats, not even waiting for the midterm election results, want their candidate in 2024 to be someone other than Biden. What about Biden’s number two?

A Rasmussen Reports survey found Vice-President Kamala Harris as “unpopular and unqualified”, not a ringing endorsement if she were to run instead of her boss. Like Biden, her utterances are word salads devoid of meaning or leadership.

Hillary Clinton is the “best bet for Democrats in 2024” according to Democrat political consultant Douglas........

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