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Tucker Carlson: The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff should be fired

1 654 2019

'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host claims the general was 'undermining' the Trump White House

Just before last November's presidential election, two former Army officers wrote an open letter to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, a man called Mark Milley. The letter was published on a left-wing blog called "Defense One." Within minutes it was all over the Internet. The authors of the letter had a direct order for Mark Milley, who strictly speaking did not report to them.

"If Donald Trump refuses to leave office," the letter began, "the United States military must remove him by force, and you must give that order." You must remove the president by force.

That was a little shocking. What country is this? Even the usual power-mad partisans in the national news media began to wonder if that was a good idea. Slate.com, of all places, reminded its readers that, no matter how orange Donald Trump might be, military coups generally turn out to be unwise.


The Pentagon had to go on the record against it too. The rest of us could keep civilian control of our government. What a relief. Within days, the story receded, another weird footnote to a weird four years. But if you thought about it for a second, you had to wonder: where did that idea even come from? Did two former military officers talk like that or think like that, and do a lot of them have views like that? Do a lot of them have these views?

We pushed the thought from our minds. We shouldn’t have. Now we know that Mark Milley himself is the sort of person who considers military coups entirely within the realm of possibility.

A new book, written by reporters at The Washington Post who cover Milley, reveals the current chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff as a legitimate extremist — the last person you’d give power to if you could possibly help it. In the book, Milley describes Donald Trump and the millions who supported him, as the moral equivalent of Adolph Hitler. As thousands of Trump supporters peacefully gathered in Washington for what they assumed was a constitutionally-protected political rally shortly after the election, Milley likened them to "brownshirts" -- the paramilitary wing of the Nazi party. Trump’s complaints about voter fraud, Milley explained to his advisers, out loud, were actually calls for genocide.

"This is a Reichstag moment," Milley said. "The gospel of the Führer." Those are quotes. Think about that. Your grandfather joined the U.S. military to risk his life fighting the Nazis. Now the head of the US military calls you a Nazi for having your grandfather’s political views. What do you think of that?


Keep in mind, Milley is a........

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