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7 Ways to Get Motivated and Break Out of a Work Slump

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We all experience a work slump from time to time. Sometimes it’s just a case of the blahs, when we feel disconnected and indifferent to our projects and not motivated to achieve our goals. Sometimes we don’t even realize we’re down because we’ve been robotically going through the motions of work and life.

Has every day become a rinse and repeat of the last? Have lost your zest for what you’re doing? Do you feel unsatisfied, but can’t quite pinpoint why? If so, you might be in a slump.

Stop yawning, put your coffee mug down and decide it’s time to put a stop your workday blues. Here’s how you can kick your rut to the curb.

The first step to getting your work mojo back is to consider what might have prompted your slump in the first place. Can you pinpoint when you first started feeling “off” and what might have triggered the downturn?

Often, career ruts are caused by feeling complacent or bored by what you’re doing. Once you’ve mastered your role at work, it may stop feeling exciting and interesting. Or perhaps you’re feeling burned out because you’ve overextended yourself. Is there something going on outside of work that is distracting you (either positively or negatively)?

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Another issue may be that you no longer take pleasure in what you’re doing. Pay attention to what your gut says and how you react to different situations -- this may clue you in on what’s behind your slump.

Even people who are working in jobs they like and excel at can find themselves in an extended lull at times. This may be due to a naturally occurring phenomenon called........

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