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An Awfully Convenient Ruse for an Inconvenient Truth

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Imagine a global economic collapse set into motion over the last seventy-five years by the depreciation of fiat currencies untethered to real value, the largest governmental spending sprees in recorded history, and the transfer of saved wealth from the poorest 90% to the wealthiest 1% of the 1% through a speculative banking system that has stripped ownership away from most everyone on the planet and redistributed that stored value into the pockets of a small consortium of global financial tsars.

Imagine that instead of building and owning their homes outright, people were taught to pay ten or a hundred times more for a place to live while giving bankers control over their mortgages. Imagine that instead of being encouraged to save during the course of a lifetime in order to survive into old age, national currencies were intentionally devalued so as to make saving a sucker's game while inflating the prices of all assets. Imagine being told not to worry about a future without savings because a government-created welfare system would provide retirement funds for all. Imagine being conned into believing that Social Security is a personal investment that a worker is individually contributing for his own future, only to learn that most workers will never get back what they gave into the system. Imagine that health care costs have skyrocketed for half a century because a largely unnecessary system of health insurance artificially raised the cost of medical care until only those with insurance could afford care at all. Imagine being told once again not to worry because the government will interject itself into the doctor-patient relationship permanently by regulating the practice of medicine, subsidizing government-preferred outcomes, rationing treatments, and using tax dollars to pay for now much more expensive health care for anyone in need.

Imagine that unscrupulous politicians have paid for the campaign services of labor unions for decades by spending double or triple on........

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