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Politics of war and plunder

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Plunder and pillage has always been one of the main objectives of wars and aggressions. Throughout human history, this obnoxious tool of destruction has been employed to extract wealth and treasure from enemies in the form of material goods and human labour.

Almost all territorial powers have resorted to wars and aggression to amass wealth through plundering their enemies’ territories.

The Persians, Arabs and Mongols were some of the nations from the East that captured large swaths of territories in various parts of the world, forming large empires spreading over not only the present-day eastern regions but Western parts of the world as well. The Mongols established one of the largest land-based empires in the world. Though their ruthless attacks were largely directed towards the kingdoms of the East, some Western regions also surrendered before the mighty nomadic tribes that had a strange penchant for blood and massacre. The case of the Byzantine, the Ottomans and the Russians is puzzling as some historians consider them Eastern powers while others assert they were Western.

Though the Byzantine was the part of Roman Empire, it continued to exist even after the fall of Rome, retaining its unique imperial grandeur and lasting almost 1000 years. In terms of time, it is the longest empire in human history. The centre of Ottoman power was based in what some geographers might call the West but they were originally from Asia, not only embracing an Eastern religion but also ardently propagating it.

Russia seems to be a stepchild of the West that has often outcast it, considering it a foreign power that was bent on conquering Europe. Despite the fact that the royal family of Russia, before the socialist revolution of 1917, had close family ties with Western ruling elite, the West never considered it its own. Even today it is described as a hegemonic power that threatens........

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