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[REVIEW] How Chinese media perceive US-China trade dispute

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Donald Trump and Xi Jinping. "Everything depends on the Americans, whether they pursue dialogue and negotiations or offense, restraint and containment or other action. Whatever the U.S. chooses, China is ready to address what the future holds." Yonhap
By Bai Yunfei

Chinese media think that China and the U.S. should cooperate with each other instead of having a trade war.

"Fair competition and win-win cooperation are supposed to be a fundamental reality of the international community," the People's Daily said. "The development of a country is a natural historical trend that will never be stifled and suppressed by any power.

"For China and the U.S., two big countries in the world, cooperation is the only right choice, because it is not only beneficial to the two states and their peoples, but also has great influence over peace and prosperity of the world."

However, the People's Daily said the U.S. started the trade war under the excuse that it is losing in its trade with China, but keep silent about the huge profits it has gained from the relationship.

The U.S. government suddenly announced a list of tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese goods before a new round of high-level China-U.S. economic and trade talks. Meanwhile, Chinese companies including Huawei, Hikvision and China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC) are becoming increasingly popular in international markets for advanced technologies and high-quality products. But, obviously, American companies have stopped selling products to some Chinese companies and American consumers are being kept away from these products.

Xinhua news agency reported that by scapegoating China for its trade imbalance and even some of its domestic economic issues, the United States is attempting to squeeze an unequal trade deal out of China, using measures such as tariff hikes and targeting its tech companies.

Moreover, Chinese media have presented their own views regarding several issues. For example, The Economic Daily of China argued that what the Americans claim as their Chinese counterparts being "fickle" at times is a way of negotiating business by exchanging........

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