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Worshipping children, a new religion complete with remorse and penance

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A girlfriend related a story recently about a catch-up she had with a former colleague she hadn't heard from in decades, Julie*. The conversation, she says, centred around news of Julie's children - daughter, Caitlan, now 27, and her son, Gene, 24.

Why would they ever want to live in a share house when it's free to stay with their parents?

"She went on about how Caitlan is 'incredibly bright'," my friend recalled. "So, I asked what she had ended up choosing as a career. Julie got a bit sheepish and told me that Caitlan 'hasn't quite found her right fit yet. She's taking some time out to work out where she's at, some me time. She's anti-establishment, anti-rat race - a real creative type'.

"Sensing it might be a delicate subject, I quickly moved on to ask her about Gene. Julie said she believed her son was 'going to end up running the world, he's that smart'. So, I asked her what he was doing for a living, thinking it would be something like finance, tech or politics. Julie went quiet and then finally said, 'Yes, he's considering all those as options.' That's when I realised that not only had neither of Julie's kids got jobs, they also hadn't even moved out of home! Just what the actual hell? By her kids' age, not only had I finished uni, I was having kids of my own!"

This isn't the first time I have heard such a story or seen the trend of kids staying........

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