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Israel’s Six Day War on the Internet

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The fundamental failure of the Arab world to understand the significance of communications, public relations and now the internet has served to undermine Arab causes and allow their enemies to thrive.

This failure is most obvious to Palestinians, who watch in amazement as Israel exploits every aspect of communications to promote its false narratives and libel of the Palestinian cause. Meanwhile, Palestinians and Arabs remain in their ineffective, traditional comfort, sipping from tiny porcelain cups of kahwah arabiyya (Arab coffee), believing that all the evils and injustices of the world will right themselves on their own.

While the Arabs and indeed the Palestinian cause have moved from finjan kahwah (cups of coffee) to hookahs and smoked-filled cafes, the Israelis have expanded their massive propaganda campaigns from traditional newsprint to the internet.

I addressed this phenomenon – the failure of the Arab world to grasp the significance of strategic communications – more than 35 years ago in a small booklet entitled “The Arab-Israeli War on the Internet”. The pamphlet analysed how Israel was expanding its presence on the internet, from traditional news media such as newspapers, TV and radio and instead making its propaganda available to the widest possible audiences in Hebrew, Arabic and English on the “Internet Super Highway”.

Back then, the internet wasn’t websites. It consisted of cumbersome chat rooms and Listserves with long, difficult-to-spell URL addresses. These Listserve sites offered basic menus of information, mainly through universities accessible to the general public. Even then, the Israelis were all over it like wild mint spreading rapidly through an unkempt vegetable garden.

Likewise today Israel is all over the internet, spreading propaganda in a strategic manner and poisoning the mind of the public – including younger generations – with propaganda, lies and deceptions that promote Israel and denigrate Palestine, Muslims and the Arab world, in that........

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