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Greg Gutfeld: Media prefers groups over individuals in order to create a conflict narrative

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'Gutfeld!' panel discusses the media's 'us versus them' narrative

Welcome to the world of us vs. them. Where a profit-seeking media creates new targets to replace old ones. The goal: to pit two camps against each other as they back one, and demonize another.

So it’s like Yankees vs Red Sox. Ali vs Frazier. Brian Stelter vs a foot-long hoagie. The media's done this to the religious, to Republicans, to Trump supporters, to flyover country - often pitting their elite activist class above these groups, where they happily punch down like a street thug wailing on an 80-year-old Asian woman.

And now they have a new villain, it’s one they've demonized, knowing it does more harm and no good, but it’s how they afford the alimony. Yes, the lab-created battle in the media octagon, is the vaxxed vs. the unvaxxed. Yeah - sex and gender can’t be binary but the vaccine debate sure can.

In this artificial construction - it's the sub-intellect rubes who aren't getting vaxxed, and the highly intelligent over-educated coastal elites who are. But the facts - like a hollow point bullet hitting a pumpkin - blow holes in their skeevy narrative.

So who's not vaxxed? It turns out, roughly half the employees at key city public safety agencies, in New York. Those aren't Fox viewers, Ms. Behar.

Add that to the 50 thousand illegal immigrants released into the US - but they don't count right - cuz they didn't vote for Trump.

The us vs them narrative falls apart even more, when you really look at who’s not being vaxxed. Then........

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