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Greg Gutfeld: Media attention to border has nothing to do with compassion or journalism

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'Gutfeld!' panel reacts to the media's latest false narrative on the southern border

So it's no longer a border crisis. It's an unmitigated border disaster megacrisis.

Thousands upon thousands living under a Texas bridge. And not in a good way. You know if this were spring break, and those were partying undergrads, the outrage would be palpable! It's a super spreader event! Where are the masks? Why aren’t they 6 feet apart? What do they think this is – the Emmys?

Which raises the obvious question: how did it get this bad?

It’s simple: the media does its best not to cover bad news when their guy is in office. Or in Delaware. Or wherever Joe’s wandered off to in an open robe, his hands sticky from rocky road.

Remember it’s not what they report on, it’s what they omit that does the real damage. As long as Democrats are in power, the media holds the reins.

Yes, the reins. We'll get to that.

Now Fox covered the border under both Trump and Biden. And the fact is, we’d all be like Biden and Harris, totally clueless about the border-- if it weren't for Fox News' amazing coverage.

If Trump were in charge, you can bet the networks would be covering it like the Kennedy assassination. They’d be patting themselves on the back with one hand and doing god-knows-what with the other.

Instead, they buried this story like Jill Biden does with a Prevagen pill in Joe's morning scone.

So it takes Fox News to shame the crummy media into doing their job.

Consider this: more than 12,000 migrants are packed in a refugee camp. In America. A camp. Remember that phrase? How the media often predicted Trump was gunna put people in camps! They got the camps part right – except it took them to elect Biden, so they could get the camps! Just like that famous Republican tyrant, FDR.

And what do you hear from the media? They’re as quiet Joe in his 1 pm nap. Until now.

Yep - in case you wondered if there was a way to get the media to finally care about the border –........

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