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If Government Concern for Your Health was Real (and not Political)...

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Many Americans wonder why there is such a shove to get everyone “vaccinated” against COVID with something that is not actually a vaccine at all. The CDC just admitted as much.

The COVID “vaccine” does not provide immunity; it will merely “produce protection” – and you can still get the virus, and you can still pass it on. The CDC even changed their definition of “vaccine” to accommodate a nifty Stalinesque re-pack of the word, and an Orwellian twist of “truth.”

As to government’s “concern” for us, well, if it's real, why is there no mandate that men shave their beards? Expecting a mask on top of a beard to guard against a microvirus is like putting a Band-Aid on a Brillo pad, pouring water on it, and expecting none to get through.

Mandates are not for health; they’re for coercion and reinforcement to the idea that government knows best and you should obey. Same concept for lack of formal mask standards. The size, variety, and “seal” evidenced even in clinics beggars credibility. But this is, again, about obeying … and to predispose the population to obeying ever-more constrictive rules, regulations, laws, taxes and penalties down the road for any manner of things government deems “necessary.”

If we brought government coercion to other matters in life that deliver routine harm (far more than Covid’s 99.997 % survivability), and with the (anti) science arguments being employed today, it would go much like this:

All vehicles without airbags and belts would be outlawed. Forget helmet arguments; you’re roaring down the road without the surrounding safety of a passenger cabin? You’re directly exposed to asphalt highways, guardrails, other vehicles, etc.? Nope, can’t have motorcycles. For that matter, bicycles are rolling injury and death. Putting a kid on a bicycle, absent government training and an operator’s license no less, is nuts. The only sensible thing is to get rid of ‘em. Gone.

We’re going to once-and-for-all eliminate obesity, morbid and........

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