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Hezbollah, the cancer that is killing Lebanon

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My native country Lebanon was once called the “Switzerland of the Middle East” and its capital Beirut was called the “Paris of the Middle East”. Those days are long gone.

Lebanon is now in a deep financial and political crisis, and its people are starving. They barely survive thanks to outside support by relatives or charitable organizations. Yet Hezbollah finds the need to attack and threaten Israel, adding the threat of war on top of everything else that the Lebanese people are suffering from.

How did Lebanon get to this? If you ask any Lebanese person this question, you will most likely hear that corrupt Lebanese politicians brought Lebanon to this point. It’s a safe answer. There are indeed corrupt Lebanese politicians. They are probably all corrupt to some extent. The Lebanese economy relies heavily on patronage. It’s almost impossible to go far in politics or in business without it. But Lebanese politics has been corrupt for decades yet Lebanon survived more or less. Today’s total collapse of Lebanon is due to far more than political corruption. It is due to a cancer that is eating the country from inside, Hezbollah.

Hezbollah is a Lebanese political party and terrorist organization that appears to have been founded in the early 1980’s in response to Israel’s invasion of southern Lebanon, which was a response to terrorist attacks from Lebanon against Israel and which started in June 1982 and ended in June 1985. In one of its earliest terrorist activities, Hezbollah is believed to have been involved in the attack against the US Embassy in Beirut on April 18, 1983.

But after Israel’s withdrawal, far from disappearing, Hezbollah only grew stronger, and it continued to use Israel as justification for its existence. In July 2006, it provoked another war with Israel, causing hundreds of civilian Lebanese deaths and extensive damage to Lebanon’s economy and tourism industry. Since the, it has threatened Israel on........

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