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PATEL: Between Afghanistan And Immigration, Have We Ever Had A Less Competent President?

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There’s always press coverage about Republican mismanagement or Republicans getting into trouble governing as ideologues, but you don’t hear much about the reverse. There’s a lot to critique about Republicans, but for mismanagement and for blindly putting ideology above all else, President Joe Biden may be the all-time champ.

Biden campaigned as a pragmatist who could bring stability and national unification. His inaugural address was all about these themes. America needs some level of national healing more than anything else. Americans can’t go on at each other’s throats. The country is falling apart.

Biden deserved praise for starting his presidency with a message of healing. I did an entire column to compliment him for it.

Since taking office, however, Biden has not made any effort to back up his pledge. He has governed not just as a wild-eyed ideologue but as an incompetent one, too. America is paying the price. If any Republican president tried to implement such an extremist agenda, the press would hammer it daily. The press likes Biden’s left-wing policies, so they downplay the radical nature of what we are going through and cover the incompetence with a light touch, if at all. (RELATED: Republicans Go After Biden For Claiming Massive Build Back Better Agenda ‘Costs Zero Dollars’)

On Afghanistan, pretty much all of America wanted out. What most Americans wanted, though, was a safe exit that considered America’s long-term security needs. Biden’s agenda was driven by the desire to have everything finished by the 20-year anniversary of 9/11. It’s hard to imagine that symbolism drove the entire agenda for such an important matter, but looking at the facts, that’s all you can conclude. Biden risked countless American lives and harmed long-term security, essentially for a photo op.


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