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Battle for the soul of America? That’s turning out to be true, but not in the way Joe Biden intended

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When Biden used those phrases in his "dark" and divisive convention speech in August, he was at the top of the polls, convinced his victory on November 3 was inevitable. Anyone could have given in to the temptation to gloat – it’s a movie trope for a reason, after all.

I started this campaign saying we were in a battle for the soul of this nation — and I believe that even more deeply today.But make no mistake: It’s a battle we can and will win.

The US is a land of movies. Conditioned by movie tropes, Americans think about their lives in terms of narratives. Yet for all their dominance in Hollywood, Democrats walked right into this one. You see, it’s usually the cackling villains doing the gloating with the hero at their mercy, giving him or her just enough time to stick a wrench in their beautiful plan. By framing the election the way he did, Biden effectively cast himself as the villain – and Trump as the underdog hero.

Biden’s most effective line of attack has always been the supposed “incompetence” of the Trump administration in handling Covid-19. Yet time and again, he went back to identity politics, repeating the “fine people” in Charlottesville lie and calling Trump Hitler and his supporters Nazis. It’s a replay of Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” tactic, this time on steroids. Yet Biden says he wants to unite the country!

It’s understandable why Clinton tried it in 2016. Accusing Republicans of being “racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic” what have you, was a tried,........

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