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It’s the ‘End of Meat’, so shut up & drink the oil: NYT tries to berate its readers into a plant diet

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“Meat comes with uniquely wonderful smells and tastes,” author Jonathan Safran Foer wrote in the New York Times on Thursday, “with satisfactions that can almost feel like home itself.”

Yet, he continued, these satisfactions won’t be with us much longer. Raising livestock is bad for the environment, slaughterhouse workers are getting sick in record numbers, factory farming is cruel and inhumane, and vegetarianism is healthier and cheaper. And, because this is the New York Times, a meat-based diet is also racist, given the fact that the workers who prepare America’s steaks and sausages are overwhelmingly black and brown.

He’s right on some counts. The evils of factory farming are well-documented, and ought to horrify anyone with a shred of humanity. Chickens shouldn’t be so genetically modified that their brief existence is spent in agonizing pain. Pigs, who have emotions every bit as complex as dogs, shouldn’t be confined to iron prisons

Furthermore, the consolidation of America’s meatpacking industry is bad for animals and farmers alike. Four companies now handle 85 percent of all beef production in the US, and three of these firms control 63 percent of the country’s pork production.

The companies – Tyson Foods, Cargill, the Brazilian-owned JBS S.A., and the Chinese-owned Smithfield – have been criticized before for underpaying farmers and workers, and for horrific abuse at their plants.

Yet the notion that a vegetarian or vegan diet would usher in a bright new future is elite nonsense. Saying this is not "industry propaganda," despite what he argues.

Factory meat is bad. Mass........

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