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In 2020, schools became the woke warriors’ latest battleground as indoctrination replaced education

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During 2020, it has become evident that the education of children is the latest target of woke culture warriors. Throughout the Anglo-American world, young children are fed propaganda that presents white privilege as a fact of life. Teaching resource websites peddle the idea that white kids suffer from unconscious bias and their black peers suffer from being victims of ‘systemic racism’.

Paradoxically, elite schools for the most privileged children are at the forefront of promoting woke pedagogy. Take the case of Dalton School, a private institution catering to the poshest of posh New York children. Recently, the faculty at Dalton issued an eight-page anti-racism manifesto.

The manifesto demands that the school employ 12 full-time diversity officers and multiple psychologists to support students “coping with race-based traumatic stress.” Presumably, the role of these diversity officers would be to police the classrooms and ensure that children are continually fed a diet of woke teaching material.

Eton College, the premier school of the British ruling class, is fast becoming a bastion of wokedom. Although it does not have 12 full-time diversity officers, it employs the services of various organizations like the School of Sexuality Education and the Good Lad Initiative to teach the boys at Eton about the dangers of heteronormativity.

Heteronormativity – which means the belief that heterosexuality is the cultural norm – is regarded by the School of Sexuality Education as akin to a cultural crime. It offers workshops that promote “intersectional, queer inclusive” ideology to children who have been misled by mainstream culture.

A handful of Eton parents have raised concerns about the fact that pupils as young as 13 are offered the opportunity to attend a ‘creative workshop’ on pornography, and that after a child attended a session on ‘toxic masculinity’ he was left asking, “is it ok to be a boy and like rugby?”

If identity culture has gained influence over Eton and Dalton, is it any surprise that it is fast becoming institutionalised throughout the school sector? Numerous schools in California........

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