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Ukraine Pays the Price for consolidating the Western Dominance

17 8 13

The Russian-Ukrainian war entered its fourth month, without achieving a decisive Russian victory that reinforces its goals of the invasion, which it announced at the beginning of the war, except for its control of some cities in the east of Ukraine. The most significant of which, of course, is Mariupol city and large parts of the Donbas region, which is witnessing pitched battles and continuous Russian bombardment to control it, after Moscow declared its control over the strategic town of Lyman. Simultaneously, the Russian forces incurred heavy losses, whether human or in equipment. Thousands of Russian soldiers were killed and hundreds of military vehicles and tanks were destroyed. While Russia's most significant loss in this war is the destruction of its most powerful military cruiser, Moskva (the main vessel in Russia's Black Sea fleet), which is considered a heavy blow against the Russian fleet.

Russia did not manage to enter and occupy the capital, Kyiv, overthrow the pro-Western regime of Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and disarm Ukraine (and this was one of Russia's goals of the war). Due to the fierce resistance and heroic fighting of the Ukrainian army, which confronted this blatant aggression and managed to defeat it, the Russian army was forced to withdraw and regroup its military forces and move them towards the east of Ukraine to continue its invasion. The Russian army advanced slowly, and succeeded in occupying some villages and small towns located on the coast after destroying them completely, and carried out the scorched-earth policy that it implemented before in Grozny in Chechnya and Aleppo in Syria.

Here there is an important question: why did the US rush to send the most advanced weaponry to Ukraine during the Russian attempt to invade and occupy the capital? This enabled the Ukrainian military to win this battle with Russia. Why did the US stop sending these kinds of modern weapons to Ukraine now, to defend its land in the East? Especially since Zelenskyy kept calling and demanding for sending of tanks and long-range rockets, but no one responded to his call!

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Some experts, including me, believe that the United States does not want both sides to win over the other in the short run, for the purpose of prolonging the war as long as possible, for purely political reasons. First, the US wants to consolidate its dominance over the world and prevent the rise of any other rival force. It is fighting Russia by proxy on Ukraine's territory, without being involved to enter Ukraine and being engaged in war with its military. Russia fell into the US trap, and arrogant Putin slipped into the........

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