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Trump's parting shots for Israel

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At the start of this year, in this column, I argued that the annexation of the West Bank was coming, one way or another.

The West Bank and the Gaza Strip were the remaining 22 per cent of historic Palestine left for the Palestinians in 1949, after the ceasefire between Israel and the Arab states.

Between 1947 and 1949, Zionist militias and then the newly-founded Israeli army (the former flowed into the latter) forcibly expelled some 800,000 Palestinians.

This massive act of ethnic cleansing – the Nakba – was the founding act of the state of Israel. It was the only way to establish a Jewish state in a country whose population, only two generations earlier, had consisted of 95 per cent indigenous Palestinian Arabs.

Jewish people were always a minority in Palestine. It was only after the intervention of the British Empire that the Zionist movement's colonial project was imposed on the country from 1917 onwards.

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One result of Israel's illegal expulsion of the Palestinians in 1948 was that a Jewish majority had been gerrymandered in the country for the first time, using extreme violence and colonial oppression.

Today, that fleeting Jewish majority has long disappeared. Palestinians are once again the majority between the river and the sea.

1967 Occupation, Naksa – Cartoon [Sarwar Ahmed/MiddleEastMonitor]

1967 Occupation, Naksa – Cartoon [Sarwar Ahmed/MiddleEastMonitor]

In 1967, Israel launched another violent war of aggression against the Palestinian people and the neighbouring Arab states,........

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