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Orbán’s Unsettling Similarity to Romania’s Deposed, Executed Dictator

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That Viktor Orbán is today’s Nicolae Ceausescu is not a new assessment. Ten years ago, the distinguished Hungarian dissident László Rajk coined the phrase in an article published in the French daily Le Monde, arguing that Orbán is an “enemy of Hungary” and an “enemy of Europe,” and that his regime most closely resembles Ceausescu’s.

A closer look at Orbán’s more recent provocative statements and actions bring this comparison between Hungary’s prime minister and the Romanian communist maverick who was deposed and then executed, into particularly sharp relief.

Ceausescu aggravated the Soviet Union with his nationalism, independence, and sovereignty. Orbán systematically opposes and sabotages freely-chosen partners and allies, in Brussels and Washington, claiming that he is the sole defender of Western civilization against “non-European” migrants, “the mixing of races,” “gender ideology,” and “post-Western values.”

Orbán’s courtship of Putin and Moscow, through which he undermines both the EU and NATO, strongly resembles with Ceausescu’s, who defied COMECON and the Warsaw Pact to side with communist China. Just like Ceausescu, who faked support for Vietnam in its war against the U.S., Orbán gives bare lip-service to supporting Ukraine, while siding in fact with Russia.

Just like Ceausescu, Orbán talks resentfully about “imperialism,” meaning the alleged coercion of Hungary to accept a foreign policy it rejects. More precisely, he states that........

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