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The man clothing London's brutalist icon

London's grey and angular Barbican Centre is now a sea of pink - its frontage covered in cloth that billows in the breeze as if dancing. "It...

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Penny Dale

Daniel Dennett: 'Civilisation is fragile'

Before his recent death, the influential philosopher Daniel Dennett spoke to the BBC about his lifelong quest to understand human experience – and...

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Tom Chatfield

Father begins legal fight against BP for dead son

A father has started legal action against UK oil giant BP over the death of his 21-year-old son. Hussein Julood alleges the burning off of gas at a...

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Esme Stallard & Owen Pinnell

Britain's mysterious WW2 'island of death'

In the 1960s, the BBC set out to investigate local reports of secret, shocking World War Two experiments, dangerous contamination and unexplained...

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Myles Burke

Why are we so ill? The working-age health crisis

There is, it seems, an epidemic of illness among the working-age population. This week the Office for National Statistics once again warned about...

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Nick Triggle

The key players in Donald Trump's hush-money trial

When Donald Trump sits at the defence table in the wood-panelled Manhattan courtroom over the next several weeks, he will be joined by a cast of...

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Madeline Halpert & Phil Mccausland

Deadly nitazene drug adverts on X and SoundCloud

Thousands of posts offering deadly drugs known as nitazenes have been found on X and the music platform SoundCloud by a BBC investigation....

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William Mclennan

Preventing space contamination rises up the agenda

Hundreds of scientists from around the world are meeting in the UK this week to discuss the best ways of protecting our planet and other celestial...

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Laura Foster

European astronaut rookies make the grade

The European Space Agency's latest intake of astronauts have completed their basic training. The group of five received their graduation...

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Jonathan Amos

How to stay in your favourite author's home

From Agatha Christie to Ian Fleming to Jane Austen, here are five famous author homes-turned hotels where bookworms can lay their heads. Chances...

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Madeline Weinfield

Look, no hands! My trip on Seoul's self-driving bus

There is a moment on the A21 bus, at around midnight, when the man in the driver's seat presses a small red button on his dashboard. He smiles,...

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Nick Marsh

A new take on matzah ball soup

To embrace her Jewish heritage and Mexican upbringing, Fany Gerson adds spicy chillies, avocado, coriander and lime to her matzah ball soup – a...

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Joe Baur

Does 'zombie deer disease' pose risks for humans?

Recent cases of humans contracting sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) have raised questions about whether a disease carried by deer may be...

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Jennifer Chesak

Everything we know about Quentin Tarantino's 10th and final film

The cast of Pulp Fiction gathered earlier this week to celebrate three decades since the first screening of Quentin Tarantino's 1994 classic. But...

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Steven Mcintosh And Alex Taylor

'People are blamed if they have cancer'

There is no translation of the word cancer in many south Asian languages. That's according to Buckinghamshire GP Dr Nighat Arif who said it had led...

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Minreet Kaur

The rise and fall and possible rise of the oyster

As the US leapfrogged through industrialisation, many of its urban workers were fed on a modern delicacy: oysters. How did this shellfish go from...

saturday 4


Veronique Greenwood

How Taylor Swift captured modern dating despair

For two female journalists in their 30s - who also happen to be massive Swifties - there's a lot about Taylor Swift's new album that rings true....

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Noor Nanji & Annabel Rackham

Where to find the best cheesesteaks in Philly

Jim Pappas of the Philadelphia Cheesesteak Challenge shares his top spots in town for the world-famous sandwich, from the original Pat's King of...

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Gregory Wakeman

Brutal show Baby Reindeer is gut-punching viewers

Created by Scottish comic Richard Gadd, and based on the true story of his stalking ordeal, the Netflix series is an extreme form of therapy –...

19.04.2024 8


Laura Martin

Children used as 'guinea pigs' in clinical trials

The true scale of the number of medical trials using infected blood products on children in the 1970s and 80s has been revealed by documents seen...

19.04.2024 650


Chloe Hayward And Hugh Pym

Why a deluge of Chinese-made drugs is hard to curb

When Sammy left her village in Sichuan province to attend university in northern China more than a decade ago, she was following a well-trodden...

19.04.2024 90


Danny Vincent

Ketamine addict: 'I can't walk 50m without weeing'

Experts are warning of an alarming increase in bladder issues among young people due to chronic ketamine use. People as young as 21 are having...

19.04.2024 70


Rachel Stonehouse

What's the future for Coachella?

As sound issues and indifferent crowds dogged its first weekend, we ask what the future holds for the US's flagship music festival. Like all major...

19.04.2024 20


Nick Levine

The Amazonian town putting world cities to shame

Puerto Nariño is a tranquil experiment in sustainable living where motor vehicles are banned and the streets are as clean as Copenhagen's. The...

19.04.2024 9


Brendan Sainsbury

Hums, boops and farts: How fish communicate

From mysterious clicking noises in a fish tank in a lab, to humming haddocks and singing toadfish, scientists are discovering the wonder of...

19.04.2024 8


Frankie Adkins