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Kanwal Sibal


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Weapon of mass distraction: Is the West scapegoating Islamic State over Moscow attack?

It is baffling why the powers that be, instead of trying to prevent the conflict in Ukraine from going out of control, seem actually bent on...

26.03.2024 50

Kanwal Sibal

Reality check: Why the West risks dragging itself – and the world – into a nuclear nightmare

Any serious and objective non-Western observer of geopolitics would be baffled by the conduct of European nations in the Ukraine conflict. The US and...

05.03.2024 20

Kanwal Sibal

Kanwal Sibal: India knows a way to deal with another 'China challenge' in the neighborhood

On January 15, Maldives President Muizzu’s government set a March 15 deadline for India to withdraw its troops from his country, following months of...

19.01.2024 20

Kanwal Sibal

Who benefits from blaming India for murder plots in the US and Canada?

The governments of the US and India are under tremendous diplomatic pressure after Washington accused New Delhi of orchestrating a plot to murder...

08.12.2023 10

Kanwal Sibal

Why Trudeau values his extremist allies over India’s goodwill

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivered a grave blow to his country’s ties with India last week by stating on the floor of his parliament...

01.10.2023 20

Kanwal Sibal

Globalization destroyed: G20 meeting signals the death of Western multilateralism

Multilateralism, already under threat to the extent that the UN General Assembly devoted its 75th anniversary session in 2020 to “reaffirming our...

07.09.2023 10

Kanwal Sibal