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Life and death in a Dublin tenement - 'finding rent was a struggle'

Tim Murtagh shares an extract from his new book, Spectral Mansions which documents the lives of those living in Dublin tenements over 100 years ago.

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Tim Murtagh

'Gently paced and physically undemanding, the voyage was the essence of slow travel'

Explorer, artist and ecologist Gwen Wilkinson shares an extract from her book The Waters and the Wild.

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Gwen Wilkinson

A therapist on €47K living in the midwest of the country

This week, our reader is a great believer in Revolut vaults and is using that system effectively to plan trips and stay organised.

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TheJournal Reader

'All we are saying is give bees a chance - ditch that lawnmower'

Paul Handrick says now that No Mow May has passed it’s time for Too Soon June – stop mowing the lawn to give nature a chance.

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Paul Handrick - The Bee Guy

'My teacher gave me power with that small bundle of towel, flannel, and pants'

Dr Katriona O’Sullivan shares an extract from her new autobiography in which she documents the many challenges she faced growing up in poverty in...

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Dr Katriona Osullivan

Mood of country hard to gauge amid sunshine, worsening housing crisis

A snapshot of the state of us.

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Carl Kinsella

'The mental load of June is real - I'll be spending it in a state of disarray'

Mum Margaret Lynch is looking forward to the summer holidays because the mental load right now is unreal.

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Margaret Lynch

The Moscow drone attacks will have a profound effect on Russia’s elite

The DCU Professor of Politics says Ukraine will be keeping its cards close to its chest around any counteroffensive, and with good reason.

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Donnacha Ó Beacháin

Is the health of the Irish population declining? Census data may indicate that it is

Dr Irene Mosca of Maynooth University looks at what the latest Census tells us about the health of the nation.

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Dr Irene Mosca

Ukraine's counter-offensive is imminent - but success will come at a terrible cost

The burning question over the coming days will be where, precisely, Zelenskyy’s forces will launch their attack.

01.06.2023 8


Tom Clonan

'Yes, state budget surpluses should be used to pay farmers to rewild their land'

The author and campaigner says if we are at all serious about reversing the death of Irish nature, we need to be rewilding on as big a scale as...

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Eoghan Daltun