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Take it from someone with ADHD – we’re not all lazy attention-seekers

ADHD is the perfect target for today’s media, but claiming the surge in diagnoses is just a “trend” won’t help today’s workforce, writes...

yesterday 9

City A.M.

Simon Neville

The Debate: Is English nationalism a force for good?

City A.M.’s weekly feature takes the fiercest water-cooler debates and pits two candidates head to head before delivering The Judge’s ultimate...

yesterday 8

City A.M.

The Debate

The Notebook: Forget the polls, Labour is miles ahead on Linkedin

Where the City’s best and brightest get a few things off their chest. Today, Michael Martins, partner at Overton Advisory and a former US embassy...

yesterday 9

City A.M.

Michael Martins

Beneath the jargon, Bernanke delivers devastating critique of the Bank of England

Leading economist Ben Bernanke has exposed the flawed modelling and out-of-date technology behind the Bank’s failures to forecast inflation, says...

yesterday 6

City A.M.

Paul Ormerod

Teenagers are learning about sex from pornography – schools must do better

The government has promised to overhaul relationships and sex education, but young people feel badly let down, says Caroline Nokes Last week’s...

yesterday 7

City A.M.

Caroline Nokes

The next Mayor must extend the Night Tube

The London Assembly has called on the mayor to reopen the Night Tube in full. The Night Tube only covers half of lines and doesn’t run on a...

yesterday 1

City A.M.

Mimi Yates

Explainer: How did a couple find themselves divorced by accident?

The introduction of digital divorces in 2022 opened up a floodgate of marriage departures The reason is indicative of how radically the divorce...

previous day 9

City A.M.

Lucy Kenningham

We need a government to match the private sector’s energy and radicalism

One thing the government was not light on yesterday at the Innovate Finance Global Summit was advice. Everyone has it. That’s a good thing. ...

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City A.M.

City View

Could Starmer’s poll lead cost him votes?

It’s not Gaza or fiscal discipline – the real reason Labour is losing votes from its left flank is that it’s too far ahead. But, warns Emma...

previous day 7

City A.M.

Emma Revell

The Notebook: Why everyone’s investing in gilts

What is City Talk? City Talk allows marketers to connect directly with our audience by publishing content on Victoria Scholar is...

previous day 7

City A.M.

Victoria Scholar

Notes from a future where Britain has solved the housing crisis

Housing In ten years’ time, high house prices and low supply could be a thing of the past. Kristian Niemietz offers a despatch from that brave...

previous day 6

City A.M.

Kristian Niemietz

How to close the tax gap

GLASGOW, UNITED KINGDOM – MARCH 15: A UK Inland Revenue online self assessment Tax Return, March 14, 2005 in Glasgow Scotland. From April 2005,...

previous day 1

City A.M.

Tim Sarson

What would cigar-loving Churchill make of the smoking ban?

Britain once fought for democracy with a cigar in hand, now we’re taking away citizens’ freedom to smoke. It’s enough to make you want to light...

previous day 3

City A.M.

James Price

Politicians can’t get Brits to make babies – immigration is the answer

Brits in 2022 had more positive attitudes towards immigration than at any time in two decades, a survey has found. The truth is we simply don’t...

monday 10

City A.M.

Ben Cope

The Notebook: Carbon bounty hunting, the economics of ageing and a cancelled recession

Kokou Agbo-Bloua Where the City’s top thinkers get a few things off their chest. Today, Kokou Agbo Bloua, Societe Generale’s global head of...

monday 10

City A.M.

The Notebook

Government must listen to UK’s fintech stars and scrap the share tax

Oaknorth co-founder and chief executive Rishi Khosla was among chiefs to back the call to ditch stamp duty by the Unicorn Council for Fintech,...

monday 8

City A.M.

City View

How the UK can lead the world in fintech

The bosses of Monzo and Revolut are among some of the big names to join a body of fintech unicorns promising to unlock growth in the sector. ...

monday 7

City A.M.

Michael Mainelli

Will the UK’s latest sanctions on China make any difference?

The UK has introduced new sanctions aimed against Chinese interference, but their bark is far worse than their bite, writes Robert Dalling Recently...

14.04.2024 2

City A.M.

Robert Dalling

Fleet Street Quarter offers a blueprint for growth

Fleet Street’s proposed face lift would be huge development for the City An ambitious pocket of the City with 2000 years of history is redefining...

13.04.2024 1

City A.M.

Lady Lucy French