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Servants of People Society, organisation that made Lal Bahadur Shastri a national missionary

Shastri got the moniker ‘Little Sparrow’ at Anand Bhawan — Vijay Laxmi Pandit first called him by this name for he was quite diminutive.

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Sanjeev Chopra

Artillery is the king of battlefield but they must adapt now, move away from towed guns

Acquisitions being planned should cater for the battle field milieu of the next few decades, in which towed artillery may be a liability.

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Manoj Naravane

India hitting enemies on global scale, govt winning applause. But there’s cost being paid too

From RAW assets convicted of espionage in Germany, to former naval officers facing trial for spying on Qatar, India’s efforts to expand its...

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Praveen Swami

Mercedes-Benz EQE 500 proves the luxury-EV combo is only getting stronger

Mercedes-Benz India MD Santosh Iyer admits that a lot more needs to be done to increase the appeal of EVs across India, particularly in terms of...

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Kushan Mitra

Don’t go holidaying to a beach if you have psoriasis. There’s a trick to getting enough sun

Psoriasis, which gives you painful rashes, can be tough to deal with. But the key is to take one step at a time.

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Deepali Bhardwaj

Taming Big Tech: Battles against them have reached a defining moment

Charges against Big Tech include violating privacy & promoting paid-for content. They have responded with vigorous defence & aggressive lobbying,...

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Tn Ninan

BJP’s Annamalai achieved too many things too quickly. Now he will have to learn to be patient

In Annamalai, the BJP had found a leader unlike any other in the past — he knew how to grab the limelight and pitched himself as the face of the...

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Akshaya Nath

Manoj Jha’s recital of ‘Thakur Ka Kuan’ shows why Parliament is no place for complex poetry

A Dalit reciting Thakur ka Kuan and a Brahmin Jha reciting the same thing have entirely different connotations.

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Dilip Mandal

ThePrint’s Delhi team is its heart but state reporters are its arteries—Chennai to Chandigarh

If a media outlet wishes to be truly national, as ThePrint does, it should have its own network of correspondents in the states who know the smell...

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Shailaja Bajpai

Why a split with AIADMK opens the door for BJP in Tamil Nadu

The BJP-AIADMK parting ways in Tamil Nadu will have multiple implications for all the parties in the state and the national parties. The state unit...

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Seshadri Chari

In Bengal, ED, CBI ‘helping the TMC’ as justice in scams get delayed

There are at least 3 scams central agencies are probing in West Bengal. But barring then education minister Partha Chatterjee, there have been no...

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Monideepa Banerjie

Canada is fertile ground for Hinduphobia. Calling it anti-India sentiment is hurting

The issue that Hindu Canadians are facing is not about isolated incidents, nor is it about two minuscule minorities who are obsessing over...

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Pushpita Prasad

UK’s flourishing Khalistan lobby needs urgent pushback. Canada isn’t the only problem

As some individuals within the Sikh community in Britain actively supported and propagated the Khalistani cause, the broader Indian community did...

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Amana Begam

British Indian sepoys weren’t silent spectators to colonial brutality. They led quiet rebellions

Indian sepoys who left their homes and crossed oceans to witness a world being conquered and exploited by the British, sought to understand,...

28.09.2023 8


Anirudh Kanisetti

K menace, K terrorists, K plot, K network—Indian TV has waged a war against Khalistanis

The Canada-Khalistan coverage has been quite an eye-opener, but it begs a question: why has Indian media paid little attention to what it now...

28.09.2023 6


Shailaja Bajpai

INDIA alliance hasn’t boycotted journalism. It has only refused to dance with the jokers

'Journalism' that has caused riots, lynching, and hatred must be called out. In the next step, name and shame those who write pay checks for these...

28.09.2023 3


Yogendra Yadav

Modi govt didn’t condemn Bidhuri & Pragya for their remarks. There’s only one reason

As for the chuckling Harsh Vardhan and Ravi Shankar Prasad, the BJP thinks they were humiliated enough when they were unceremoniously thrown out of...

28.09.2023 6


Vir Sanghvi

US Gen Mark Milley showed how military stays loyal to constitution under govt control

General Mark Milley was able to temper the whimsical conduct of former US President Donald Trump with firm advice and straight spine.

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Lt Gen H S Panag (Retd)

Majid Khan, an artist with bat and lone fighter against match-fixing in Pakistan cricket

Majid Jahangir Khan’s cricketing pedigree is high not just because three generations of his family played Test cricket, but because he is the...

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Kush Singh