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Martin Gilbert: We really need to sort out our transport infrastructure

As a founding director of FirstGroup and a keen historian, I recognise how important transport infrastructure is. Looking back, one can ask “what...

friday 20

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Martin Gilbert

Scott Begbie: Aberdeen’s South Harbour is seriously helping to put north-east on the map for visitors

If you build it, they will come… We did, and they have. There can now be no doubting the benefits we are seeing thanks to the new South Harbour...

friday 1

The Press & Journal

Scott Begbie

Moreen Simpson: You need ears like a bat to hear all the good gossip in town

Ye ken I highly prize my moniker as “the biggest gossip in toon”. No juicy morsel of local news stays confidential with me for more than a few...

friday 4

The Press & Journal

Moreen Simpson

Peter Clark: Banning modern snares in Scotland should be avoided at all costs

This year’s BASC Wildlife Fund UK habitat stamp is an exquisite watercolour of Scottish capercaillie in their native ancient Caledonian pinewood....

friday 5

The Press & Journal

Peter Clark

Angus Peter Campbell: ‘Normalising’ normal speech in literature would benefit every language and dialect

I was down in Islay recently for the Islay Book Festival, and a splendid wee occasion it was, too. It’s always good to meet fellow writers and...

27.09.2023 3

The Press & Journal

Angus Peter Campbell

Chris Deerin: Are catastrophic culinary skills genetic? Thankfully, not always

There comes a time in every parent’s life when they must sit at a table and eat a meal prepared by their child. This is not always a moment to be...

25.09.2023 3

The Press & Journal

Chris Deerin

Eleanor Bradford: Badly thought-out short-term let licences might help Edinburgh while killing tourism in the north

There is just one week to go before everyone in Scotland who offers guest accommodation must register for the new short-term let licence. These...

25.09.2023 3

The Press & Journal

Eleanor Bradford

Catherine Deveney: Everything was a joke to Russell Brand, who hated being told using and abusing weren’t funny

If you open a can of Scotch broth, you don’t expect chicken soup to slide glutinously into the pan. It is what is says on the tin. Unsurprising,...

21.09.2023 1

The Press & Journal

Catherine Deveney

Len Ironside: Tighten dog laws and hold owners and breeders to account for the sake of safety

It used to be said that a dog is man’s best friend. In the main, that’s still true. Dogs have long been a source of companionship and considered...

21.09.2023 1

The Press & Journal

Len Ironside

The Flying Pigs: Is tempting folk to Union Street with things that arenae really there the best we can do?

The latest topical insights from Aberdeen musical sketch comedy team, The Flying Pigs, written by Andrew Brebner and Greg Gordon. I wiz fascinated...

16.09.2023 10

The Press & Journal

The Flying Pigs

Jacqueline Wake Young: Elgin roundabout proposal is more interesting than TV

I might give up television and just start watching a roundabout in Elgin. I can’t face more adverts for life insurance or collectible gold coins and...

16.09.2023 1

The Press & Journal

Jacqueline Wake Young