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Archaeologists discover 1,500-year-old tomb of ancient emperor in China

Researchers have unearthed more than 140 funerary objects at the tomb, including ceramic figurines depicting warriors and animals like camels.

27.09.2023 1

Newsweek Asia

Aristos Georgiou

How China, Russia, North Korea can counter Biden's Asia allies defense pact

"The 'NATOization' of U.S.-Japan-ROK relations will only push China, Russia and the DPRK closer to each other," expert Nakano Koichi tells Newsweek.

18.08.2023 1

Newsweek Asia

Tom Oconnor

Can you spot all 5 birds perfectly camouflaged against the snowy backdrop?

At first the picture appears to show nothing, apart from a few rocks, until you look closer.

08.08.2023 4

Newsweek Asia

Robyn White

Seventy Years Too Long—It's Time To Finally End the Korean War

The continued unresolved war may seem like a technicality, but the human impact is massive.

27.07.2023 1

Newsweek Asia

Barbara Lee

China Is Influencing American Policy in Secret. Here's How We Stop Them

If the House wants to make America more competitive, we need to put an end to CCP influence shell games and pass the Disclosing Foreign Influence...

25.07.2023 1

Newsweek Asia

Raja Krishnamoorthi

Golden retriever rescued from dog meat trade learns how to be a dog again

"Seeing this just makes me so happy. Thank you for saving another precious dog," wrote a TikTok user. .

25.07.2023 2

Newsweek Asia

Leonie Helm