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Map shows countries eligible for US "diversity" visas

Brazil, Canada, China, Mexico and Venezuela are among the countries ineligible for U.S. diversity visa applications.

07.05.2024 1

Newsweek Asia

Nick Mordowanec

On the world stage: Newsweek interviews the leaders of India and Japan

We aim to transcend surface-level narratives, offering coverage that creates opportunities for true international dialogue.

30.04.2024 20

Newsweek Asia

Dev Pragad

Russian and China warn NATO to stay out of Asia

Moscow and Beijing's top diplomats discussed a "new security architecture in Eurasia" as the two countries mark the 75th anniversary of diplomatic...

10.04.2024 50

Newsweek Asia

Micah Mccartney

Biden Doesn't Want Cheap EVs From China

The Biden administration views green tech not primarily through a climate lens, but through the lens of industry, economic competition, and...

10.04.2024 1

Newsweek Asia

Andy Morimoto

"Deeply concerning" dancing bear trade resurging

Several bears were recently rescued and found with pierced muzzles and broken teeth.

09.04.2024 10

Newsweek Asia

Robyn White

Why America's Future Is Bound to Taiwan's Future

Our message to House leadership must be clear: The time to pass President Joe Biden's supplemental request is now.

05.04.2024 2

Newsweek Asia

Raja Krishnamoorthi