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Evidence Is Growing That Free Speech Is Declining

The global landscape for freedom of expression has faced severe challenges in 2023. Even open democracies have imposed restrictive measures to...

yesterday 4

Foreign Policy

Jacob Mchangama

This Corporate Law Case Could Accidentally Overturn U.S. Taxes

This week, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in Moore v. United States, a case that centers on the mandatory repatriation tax (MRT). The...

yesterday 3

Foreign Policy

Stan Veuger, Alex Brill, Kyle Pomerleau

The Taliban’s Enemies Can’t Agree on Anything

DUSHANBE, Tajikistan—As the Taliban consolidate Afghanistan’s status as a nexus for much of what is bad in the world right now, from crimes...

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Foreign Policy

Lynne O’Donnell

Rashid Khalidi: Biden Deserves an “F” on the Middle East

News, analysis, and background on the ongoing conflict. More on this topic After a brief pause, Israel is now looking to expand ground operations...

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Foreign Policy

Ravi Agrawal

The 7 Reasons Iran Won’t Fight for Hamas

Since its start, the war in Gaza has been thought of as potentially foreshadowing a direct conflict between Iran and Israel. Hezbollah continues to...

yesterday 10

Foreign Policy

Arash Reisinezhad

Does Democracy Really Die in Darkness?

In 2010, Wikileaks rocked the diplomatic community. Thousands of secret cables were suddenly available to all. And while some revelations were...

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Foreign Policy

Bronwen Everill

Confusion and Ambition Caused the My Lai Atrocities

At a 1994 symposium on the My Lai massacre, the well-known Vietnam War veteran and novelist Tim O’Brien gave a talk called “The Mystery at My...

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Foreign Policy

Marshall Poe

The Man Who Conned the World

In 1981, Peter Rigby was running a video studio in Muswell Hill, north London. One day, he was called to the penthouse of London’s Montcalm Hotel...

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Foreign Policy

Yepoka Yeebo

What Ridley Scott’s ‘Napoleon’ Gets Wrong About War

I’m just a defense analyst, so I’ll leave a proper critique of Ridley Scott’s new blockbuster biopic Napoleon to the many reviewers who have...

saturday 30

Foreign Policy

Franz-Stefan Gady

How Women Are Reconciling Feminism With Faith

“It’s a very, very overt patriarchy,” Amy Allebest said as she fought to maintain her composure. “The leadership is all men in suits.”...

saturday 2

Foreign Policy

Angela Saini

The Dark Side of Climate Finance

As the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference (or COP28) gets underway in Dubai, the call for rich countries to provide more money to poor...

01.12.2023 10

Foreign Policy

Vijaya Ramachandran, Alex Smith

U.S. Engagement With China in 3 Charts

When Xi Jinping visited San Francisco in November, it was the Chinese president’s first U.S. trip in six years. While the COVID-19 pandemic played...

01.12.2023 1

Foreign Policy

Alexandra Sharp

Grading Biden on the Israel-Hamas War

News, analysis, and background on the ongoing conflict. More on this topic U.S. President Joe Biden’s approach to the Israel-Hamas war, especially...

01.12.2023 3

Foreign Policy

Steven Simon, Aaron David Miller

At COP28, the World Needs to Prioritize Financial Reform

World leaders are descending on Dubai for this year’s United Nations Climate Change Conference, or COP28. Even as participants and observers gear...

01.12.2023 2

Foreign Policy

Rajiv J. Shah

India Isn’t Interested in the West’s Climate Money

As the world gathers once again for global climate talks at COP28 in Dubai, several outstanding priorities will hang over negotiators. Chief among...

01.12.2023 1

Foreign Policy

Shayak Sengupta, Abhinav Jindal

Did Henry Kissinger Further U.S. National Interests or Harm Them?

Matt Kroenig: Hello, Emma! I don’t know about you, but I am ready for the upcoming holiday break. Given the news of Henry Kissinger’s passing...

01.12.2023 5

Foreign Policy

Emma Ashford, Matthew Kroenig

The Economic Legacy of Napoleon Bonaparte

Ridley Scott’s Napoleon earned $78.8 million internationally in its first weekend in movie theaters. The film focuses on the titular...

01.12.2023 1

Foreign Policy

Cameron Abadi, Adam Tooze

Kissinger’s Great Game

To those who steep themselves in history, and others who follow international affairs with obsessive focus, the bill of particulars often cited...

01.12.2023 20

Foreign Policy

Howard W. French

Why Xi Thinks He Got the Better of Biden

After their successful meeting in San Francisco earlier this month, U.S. President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping must now contemplate...

30.11.2023 1

Foreign Policy

James Crabtree

Will the Cease-Fire Change Israel’s Strategy?

Israel’s military campaign in the Gaza Strip, now a month old, has been on hold this week for a humanitarian pause that was extended another day...

30.11.2023 3

Foreign Policy

Jack Detsch

South Korea Offers a Chance to Modernize Old Alliances

There’s growing skepticism among the American public about U.S. commitments abroad., matched with growing doubt among allies and...

30.11.2023 1

Foreign Policy

Clint Work, Hanbyeol Sohn

Jordan’s Teetering Balancing Act

News, analysis, and background on the ongoing conflict. More on this topic Every Friday, the streets of downtown Amman, Jordan, fill with thousands...

30.11.2023 10

Foreign Policy

Marta Vidal

Israel Weighing Special Court for Palestinian Suspects in Oct. 7 Massacre

The Hamas attack that killed at least 1,200 people in Israel last month presented its leaders with difficult decisions about how to both wage war...

30.11.2023 6

Foreign Policy

Dahlia Scheindlin

Henry Kissinger, Colossus on the World Stage

Henry Alfred Kissinger, one of the most influential statesmen in American history, died on Nov. 29 at age 100 after a long and tumultuous career in...

29.11.2023 30

Foreign Policy

Michael Hirsh

Looks Like ‘Axis of Evil’ Is Back on the Menu

In his 2002 State of the Union address, President George W. Bush warned that the United States needed to confront a new “axis of evil” threatening...

29.11.2023 9

Foreign Policy

Robbie Gramer