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Are Human Rights Universal?

In May 2000, the Taliban, who rule most of Afghanistan, ordered a mother of seven to be stoned to death for adultery in front of an ecstatic...

yesterday 10

Foreign Affairs

Thomas M. Franck

China’s Alternative Order

By now, Chinese President Xi Jinping’s ambition to remake the world is undeniable. He wants to dissolve Washington’s network of alliances and...

yesterday 4

Foreign Affairs

Elizabeth Economy

Iran and Israel’s War Comes Out of the Shadows

Last night, Israel struck a military airbase near the city of Isfahan in Iran. Iranian officials also claimed to have shot down small drones near...

yesterday 30

Foreign Affairs

Afshon Ostovar

Europe—but Not NATO—Should Send Troops to Ukraine

A taboo has broken in Europe. Only a few months ago, it would have been inconceivable for European leaders to propose sending European troops to...

previous day 30

Foreign Affairs

Alex Crowther

The Coming Arab Backlash

Since Hamas’ October 7 attack on Israel, the Middle East has been rocked by mass protests. Egyptians have demonstrated in solidarity with...

previous day 20

Foreign Affairs

Marc Lynch

China Has Lost India

In June 2020, the Chinese and Indian militaries clashed in the Galwan Valley, a rugged and remote area along the disputed border between the two...

saturday 100

Foreign Affairs

Tanvi Madan

India as It Is

It has been a ritual for decades. Whenever American policymakers travel to India, they sing paeans to the beauty of Indian politics, to the...

saturday 200

Foreign Affairs

Daniel Markey

America’s Bad Bet on India

For the past two decades, Washington has made an enormous bet in the Indo-Pacific—that treating India as a key partner will help the United States...

saturday 300

Foreign Affairs

Ashley J. Tellis

How Israel Can Win in Gaza—and Deter Iran

In the wake of Iran’s attack on Israel with hundreds of drones and missiles last weekend, Israel must decide how to calibrate its response. The...

18.04.2024 20

Foreign Affairs

Elliott Abrams

Brave New Ukraine

After more than two years fighting one of the world’s most powerful armies, Ukraine has enacted a new mobilization law—a move hailed by the West...

18.04.2024 10

Foreign Affairs

Nataliya Gumenyuk

The Five Futures of Russia

Vladimir Putin happened to turn 71 last October 7, the day Hamas assaulted Israel. The Russian president took the rampage as a birthday present; it...

17.04.2024 5

Foreign Affairs

Stephen Kotkin