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Why we can’t let Aberdeen’s school bullying be swept under the carpet

For the first time in ages, I didn’t fall off my chair in shock after a pronouncement by the Scottish Greens. On this occasion, it seemed to hit...

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David Knight May 26 2024

Terror of Aberdeen’s typhoid outbreak is still vivid 60 years on

On this day 60 years ago, Aberdonians were beginning to feel the grip of fear. May 20, two students were diagnosed with the hugely infectious and...

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Moreen Simpson May 25 2024

Baby Reindeer’s ethical tightrope caused Netflix to slip big time

Baby Reindeer, Netflix’s hugely successful stalking drama based on the experience of Richard Gadd, its Scottish writer and lead actor, brought back...

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Catherine Deveney May 23 2024

Scottish independence backers aren’t extremists – but breaking up UK would be extreme

The response was as predictable as the initial comment was stupid. In case you missed it, there was a minor stooshie earlier this month after Prime...

22.05.2024 2

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John Ferry May 22 2024

Aberdeen’s dangerous delivery bike riders must realise damage they can do

When is a pedestrian crossing not a pedestrian crossing? When there’s a food delivery bloke on a bike bearing down on it. Red light? Nope, not...

21.05.2024 40

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Scott Begbie May 21 2024

Blood and Post Office inquiry apologies don’t mean much as long as cover-ups continue

This week, the UK inquiry into infected blood reported its findings. Another inquiry. More apologies. Perhaps you just turn the page. But, before...

21.05.2024 8

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Eleanor Bradford May 21 2024